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Buy and Sell Used Scientific Atlanta Networking Equipment

Worldwide Supply offers a full line of Scientific Atlanta satellite receivers that provide top levels of reliability and availability. Our refurbished Scientific Atlanta gear is certified and reviewed to ensure you’re getting premium quality at a rate that’s easier to afford. Working with us provides you with the best way to maximize your investment and secure your network for growth.

Top Quality From a Top Brand

Scientific Atlanta is now a part of the Cisco family, so its products and services are fully integrated into existing Cisco portfolios, with platform support. That means you can add used Scientific Atlanta to your network and have it work with Cisco and other OEM gear without an issue.

While we specialize in refurbished Scientific Atlanta satellite receivers, the company also creates a broad set of networking equipment for telcos and cablecos. It has a history in building out cable set-top boxes, modems and digital interactive subscriber systems.

Scientific Atlanta is still a go-to for brands like Comcast, Cox and Time Warner Cable for modems, while also providing distribution technology to networks such as ESPN.

Save With Refurbished Scientific Atlanta Equipment

Worldwide Supply aims to provide you with the best warranty-backed refurbished equipment for your network. Grow, expand and thrive affordably with Scientific Atlanta equipment that can support your needs while reducing your spend.

Together, we’ll ensure your network is strong and reliable, giving you the opportunity to invest the most in your future.