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If you’re looking to implement a better service distribution strategy for your television network, it may be time to invest in a satellite receiver from Worldwide Supply. Our inventory of receivers includes a selection of equipment from one of Georgia’s former leading providers of telecommunications equipment — Scientific Atlanta.

Scientific Atlanta made a huge mark on the telecom industry over the course of its 50 plus years in power. While it was acquired by Cisco Systems in the early 2000s, its equipment is still a first choice for many service providers and network operators across the board. With our selection of refurbished Scientific Atlanta satellite receivers, you can distribute more powerful, reliable services to your satellite TV consumers.

If you’re interested in enhancing your network with a Scientific Atlanta satellite receiver, we’ll make sure to provide you with the new or refurbished product that best suits your company!

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A network’s satellite receiver performs a critical role in delivering digital audio and video to subscribers. People count on service providers to make sure they can access high-quality programming — so if you want to keep up with the competition in this market, you’ll need a strong satellite receiver to convert signals from TV satellite into a viewable format.

Our used Scientific Atlanta satellite receivers offer efficient decryption and transcoding abilities and can operate in top form while serving high-density systems. We pride ourselves on delivering reliable, cost-effective telecom solutions to businesses, which is why we place all our effort and dedication into refurbishing each product we receive. Whatever your network requirements are, we’ll ensure your Scientific Atlanta equipment meets OEM quality standards.

Order from us now, and you can get a Scientific Atlanta PowerVu Advanced Receiver Transcoder for up to 80% off the regular OEM price. This product offers 2-channel services and allows you to deliver MPEG-4 audio and video with your existing MPEG-4 or MPEG-2 network. You can learn more about this product’s details on the description page listed below.

Get Cash for Your Scientific Atlanta Satellite Receivers

We love taking old or used equipment and returning it to like-new quality standards. That’s why we provide all our customers with options to sell off their current system components for cash or the most recent upgrades.

If you’re looking for an economical and environmentally friendly way to dispose of old Scientific Atlanta equipment, reach out to us, and we’ll develop a plan for removal and repayment.

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Our refurbished Scientific Atlanta satellite receivers are backed by a standard lifetime warranty and a plethora of maintenance, repair and replacement services. Request a quote to start enhancing your network today.