NetGuard Maintenance

NetGuard – One Contract, Better Coverage, Less Money

Cisco ∙ Alcatel-Lucent ∙ Arris ∙ Fujitsu ∙ Ciena ∙ Nortel ∙ Tellabs ∙ Nokia ∙ Ericsson ∙ HP ∙ Dell ∙ NetApp ∙ Juniper ∙ Brocade ∙ Avaya ∙ Oracle ∙ F5 Networks ∙ Harris

The network equipment maintenance contract is critical to the network as every minute of downtime impacts the bottom line. And while clients know, and budget for, the cost of the annual renewal, the benefits of the OEM contracts aren’t evaluated annually. You should ask yourself:

  • Are your network equipment maintenance contracts an efficient use of OpEx?
  • Or are premiums being paid just to maintain eligibility for software updates that may or may not be necessary?
  • Does your current maintenance service plan make sense or are you paying for an overpriced router maintenance program that falls short on everything else?

Maintenance Contract Renewal Checklist

A comprehensive third-party solution, NetGuard can cover all OEM brands under a single contract, allowing clients to continue to maintain their networks without being forced by the OEM into costly unnecessary upgrades. We can be the only box you need on your network maintenance checklist.

NetGuard offers a customized solution with savings of as much as 50-90% on equipment maintenance and network support without the pressure or hassle from the OEM. It’s savings that can only be offered by third-party router maintenance professionals like us.

In addition to cost savings, NetGuard maintenance also affords customers options for end of life (EOL) equipment and CloudSparingTM, the 24x7x0 solution.  Equipment is designed to last far longer than the OEM will support it. Worldwide Supply helps customers maintain their existing network for years without the pressure from the OEM to upgrade. We allow you to be smart and save even smarter on your networking equipment maintenance.

And when a network goes down, isn’t it critical to have replacement inventory on-site since every second counts? CloudSparingTM, increases efficiency while reducing inventory costs, making it the perfect add-on to NetGuard maintenance programs.

Third-Party IT Maintenance

Worldwide Supply runs a complete IT maintenance service solution that is designed to work with today’s leading equipment. We don’t offer the restrictive packages — like only a CMTS maintenance service — that some of our competitors try to give you.

We’re a robust, single solution for third-party IT equipment maintenance that includes all of your switches, data center gear, routers, network interfaces and much more. If it touches your network, we’ve got it covered.

So don’t spend time looking for data center equipment and support only to realize that some other third-party switch maintenance program is required. Turn to Worldwide Supply as your third-party network maintenance expert and get everything you need under one roof.

Additional Benefits of NetGuard:

NetGuard maintenance provides a variety of other benefits, including:

  • More than 100 supported current and legacy OEM product lines
  • Multi-vendor solutions rolled into one simple, easy contract and network maintenance checklist
  • Contract management, ticketing system and knowledge base technical library access for all networking equipment maintenance needs
  • Add and manage any support contract from any provider using the NetGuard Portal as a single point of reference

Worldwide Supply’s global service centers make it possible to reach every major market in the world within 24 hours, with local strategically placed stocking centers for guaranteed 4-hour onsite service.

Worldwide Supply’s engineers and network equipment maintenance specialists, with 30+ years of technical training and experience, maintain OEM certifications and apply vast experience to troubleshooting. Worldwide Supply guarantees 24×7 global technical support and advanced hardware exchange.

Our field-experienced engineers and NetGuard maintenance technicians have deep expertise managing all major OEM brands including:

Cisco ∙ Alcatel-Lucent ∙ Arris ∙ Fujitsu ∙ Ciena ∙ Nortel ∙ Tellabs ∙ Nokia ∙ Ericsson ∙ HP ∙ Dell ∙ NetApp ∙ Juniper ∙ Brocade ∙ Avaya ∙ Oracle ∙ F5 Networks ∙ Harris

Worldwide Supply has thousands of items under contract for dozens of customers across 10 countries and our customers range from to Fortune 500 Service Providers to $1B+ revenue BioTech companies to state and local governments to privately held software companies and more.

Let the equipment manufacturer be a manufacturer – and let the network equipment maintenance experts help you maintain!

Contact us online, at or call 888.328.2266 to request a NetGuard proposal for your organization.