Juniper M160 / M40E

Juniper M160 M40E router

Juniper is a leading provider of core routing, edge routing and network security solutions for IP-based enterprise and carrier-class networks. Worldwide Supply was one of the first to offer pre-owned, refurbished and used Juniper equipment and maintains the capital and resources to carry the largest inventory of second-hand Juniper product available on the market. Popular items include the M5 Series Routers, M10 Series Routers, M20 Series Routers, M40 Series Routers, M160 Series Routers, and T320 Series Routers.

Used and Refurbished Juniper M160 Router

The Juniper M160 router is a powerhouse for internet services, providing highly redundant solutions for large backbone core IP networks. If you need to support routing engine redundancy and switching fabric, this could be a strong candidate for improving your network.

Worldwide supply offers a variety of refurbished and used Juniper M160 routers that have been brought back up to OEM standards, with a limited lifetime warranty that extends even to these end-of-life devices. The M160s support two FPCs with single-port OC12 and Gigabit Ethernet deployments or OC48 and tunnel services.

When you select a refurbished Juniper M160, you will have support for up to four switching and forwarding modules to help make decisions, distribute packages and forward notifications of outgoing packets. A significant set of customizations and options are available on every Juniper M160 router.

If you’re working with existing Juniper networking equipment, you should note that the Type 1 FPCs are interchangeable for the M160 and the M40e.

Refurbished Juniper M40e Routers

Juniper M40e routers from Worldwide Supply provide a total routing system with channelized interfaces, Ethernet, ATM, SONET and SDH services for large-scale networks and their applications, with a chief focus on ISP networks.

These routers are living long past their EOL dates thanks to an extremely clean and efficient architecture for separating out control operations from other packet forwarding to minimize bottlenecks and speed up processing. All the used M40e routers we provide still support the Junos OS to establish protocols for routing, traffic engineering, configuration management and policy management.

All Juniper modules, processors and power supplies are also available.

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