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Harmonic Inc. focuses on powering networks to provide uncompressed IP solutions while offering cloud media processing designed specifically for broadcast and OTT workflows, meaning it is focused on the latest infrastructure for video delivery.

New and refurbished Harmonic equipment is working in major networks by utilizing new cloud media tools and its PURE compression engine to support your delivery of multiple video tools and services.

Used Harmonic equipment can still provide access to the company’s proven capabilities in improving network strength while reducing infrastructure costs. If you’re supporting brands who produce content for TV or the Internet, or if you take part in their processing and distribution, a used Harmonic tool is one of the best ways to save on price without compromising on quality.

Growth in the Networking Space

Harmonic has been steadily growing its networking capabilities around video management and delivery, with a focus on servers, video routing and storage products. Most recently, in March of 2016, Harmonic acquired Thomson Video Networks, a video compression, transcoding and processing firm.

While Harmonics has sold off its fiber optic access products, we still do carry some of those lines here at Worldwide Supply. So, you’ve got access to the latest in video, as well as established networking equipment at an affordable rate.

Our service technicians take all our used Harmonic equipment and bring it up to OEM standards with a full warranty. Plus, we’ll provide a comprehensive maintenance program that covers older Harmonic equipment the brand no longer supports, as well as many other OEM lines, at a single rate.

Give your network harmony with a collection of used, refurbished Harmonic video equipment.