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Buy and Sell Used Infinera Networking Equipment

Perfect for Long-Haul, Subsea, Metro and DC Interconnect Network Needs

Worldwide Supply offers a broad portfolio of available Infinera networking equipment. You’ll save big on brand-new gear compared to OEM pricing as well as have access to a wide selection of certified pre-owned and refurbished Infinera equipment designed to boost your availability.

Choose to purchase used Infinera equipment, and you’ll get a guaranteed improvement and reliable partner. Plus, you can extend the life of your equipment and keep everything running properly with a little help from the Worldwide Supply maintenance engineers and repair technicians.

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Our mission is to be a leader in the secondary market for refurbished Infinera equipment. These goods, along with other used telecom equipment, are making their way to networks across the globe. You can boost your offering for a smart price.

Infinera focuses on WDM optical transmission equipment, with specialty equipment for unique deployments from undersea deployments and other long-haul scenarios to the supporting equipment for large metro applications and data center interconnects.

The company’s large super-channel cards support up to 500 Gbit/s and often can exceed current carrier requirements. However, expanding your network with that capability means you already have room to grow when your customer demands rise to the occasion. Currently on the company’s roadmap is scaling up to 4 terabits and well beyond.

Expand Your Network With Refurbished Strength

Scale your network and boost your capabilities with new and used Infinera equipment for any deployment type. Raise the bar for your optical performance and boost spectral efficiency by turning to a new leader in fiber and much more.