CMTS Technical Services

Worldwide Supply’s CMTS expertise and services can assist with planning your next tier of service options as your business grows. We’ll eliminate any guesswork and ensure you’re maximizing your system’s capabilities. Our team works around the globe and can provide field engineering support help in 100+ countries.

 Here’s How Worldwide Supply’s CMTS Expertise Can Help:

  • Over 20 years’ experience in CMTS/cable modems
  • Excellent track record with customer installations and support
  • Expansion of current systems (example: 4×4 to 32×8 channel bonding, DOCSIS 3.1)
  • Start to finish services with on-site crews specialized in everything from headend wiring to training installers
  • Dedicated team with hands-on system engineering and field support experience
  • RF plant troubleshooting

Cable and service providers around the world work hard to provide their customers with high-speed data services. As an operator you want to have full confidence that the CMTS products you put in the field are performing properly and are compliant with the required specifications. Worldwide Supply’s CMTS experts will help you avoid any interoperability issues with legacy or future CPE products that you may want to connect with your CMTS.

Overview of our CMTS Projects and Engineering Capabilities

Our expert engineering capabilities:

  • Rack and stack CMTS and optical equipment, including 10 and 100Gb transport
  • Authorized partner/reseller with Harmonic – FTTH, Remote PHY (R-PHY), CableOS Virtualized CMTS, Wireless DOCSIS 3.1 Up to 30 Miles
  • Partnered with Innovative Systems IPTV
  • Bulk Fiber Optic Cables for your FTTH/FTTX projects
  • Wiring from the CMTS to combiners and optical equipment
  • FMP -Configured and tested all ports on optical (local DHCP / ftp server)
  • CMTS migration from one platform to another
  • CMTS installation and configuration onto virgin cable plant
  • 1 Fiber deep solutions, experienced fiber deep Node +0
  • Logistics management
  • In-depth training to local engineers
  • Pre- and post-technical support to our customers
  • Assisting in troubleshooting cable plant issues
  • Upgrades and deployments in the USA, Europe, South America, and Asia

Our testing lab in New Jersey. Used for testing CMTS, routers, core routers, switches, IP video, and transport equipment.

Past Field Engineering Projects

Past CMTS Projects; Tasks Taken and Completed

Client Located in South Carolina

WWS was tasked with the installation of 4 Arris C4 chassis.

Installation included RF combing and configuration of C4’s to support 16×4 channel bonding. Project went without issues because we had done site surveys prior to the installation and cut-overs from Cisco 10k’s.

Tasks completed beyond scope of work:

  1. Training of local engineers
  2. Provided support for two Arris E6k
  3. Provided cable modem configuration files
  4. Provided modified modem files for the four C4’s as well as the E6k

Speeds offered initially; 100Mbps down and 10Mbps up Tested 520Mbps download speed via ftp from local server Average cards used per site, all systems fully redundant:

  • 24U CAM-01240W (quantity 5)
  • 32D CAM-20032W (quantity 5)
  • RCM RCM-01000W (quantity 2)
  • SCM SCM-02441W (quantity 2)

Customer in Georgia

WWS was tasked with the installation of 13 Arris C4 chassis. Installation included rf combing, optics and configuration of C4’s to support 8×4 channel bonding. Configuration done to support 16×4 channel bonding for future expanded services.

Current Status

Assisted in upgrading C4’s from 16 channel bonding to 32 channel bonding and customer now offers 500Mbps.

WWS Goes Above & Beyond for Our Customers

 Regardless of constant changes and challenges, we had completed requested tasks, as well as additional engineering beyond the initial scope of work.

  1. Assisted in locating optical splitters needed to meet
  2. Provided assistance in optimizing return cable plant for
  3. Provided training to local
  4. Provided training for all the installation and service technicians. This training lasted 3 hours for an estimated 100 technicians, 3 classes per day for 6 days. Feedback from these technicians was that out of three previous instructors, ours was the most informative and useful.
  5. Found and helped find root cause of cable modem firmware they use in all locations, not just this location.
  6. Asked to be part of the official ribbon cutting ceremony (per the local managers, this project would not have been completed without our assistance).

Current Status

Customer migrated to Casa Networks with direct Casa support, but we still provide some level of support directly to this customer.


 Customer had 8 Motorola BSR2k CMTS units to provide data services.

  • Customer had issues with current configuration
  • Limited modems per downstream
  • Extremely long modem registration time
  • Limited speed offering
  • Difficult to manage overall
  • No redundancy in place

Solutions provided:

  • Installation of an Arris C4 (with redundancy)
  • Optimized combining
  • Optimized modem files
  • Assisted in resolving cable plant issues
  • Provided training

Client now offers speeds over 100Mbps and has needed to add an additional chassis and hardware to support customer growth.


Customer with over 10k customers with 8×2 channel bonding was experiencing issues with current set-up.

  • High utilization on downstream and upstream
  • Latency issues (gaming and time sensitive services)
  • Customer preferred staying with current Cisco platform
  • Customers wanting to receive over 20Mbps

Solutions provided:

  • Recommended and implemented hardware upgrades
  • Rewired RF combining at the headend
  • Modified cable modem files
  • Assisted in testing cable plant return
  • Configured and tested 32×8 channel bonding and OFDM
  • New services now start at 50Mbps and can go to 1Gbps
  • Provide remote support when needed

We replaced 3 Cisco 10k’s with RF Gateway 10’s to 2 Casa C100g’s and they now offer 1Gb speeds with DOCSIS 3.1 They are very pleased with our installation and system performance.

Current Status

With our help, this customer has started to migrate to Harmonic R-PHY. When completed, 210 nodes will be able to support 2Gb with cable modems with the option for XGS PON for 10Gb services.

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