Alcatel Lucent WAVESTAR OLS 2.5G

Alcatel Wavestar

Building on its multiplexer mastery, Alcatel-Lucent’s OLS line includes the WaveStar 2.5G model. This add/drop multiplexer supports high-capacity SONET OC-192 and OC-48 — high-speed and low-speed shelves, respectively — with self-healing transport capabilities.

The model is designed to work with SONET two-fiber, bidirectional rings as well as unidirectional path-switch rings for your most demanding applications. This two-fiber design allows you to make use of physical assets as well as software integration plus architecture for transmission, maintenance and timing management.

OLS 2.5G Two-System Design

Each refurbished Alcatel-Lucent WaveStar OLS 2.5G model supports two-system options for deploying in your network. You can use the single 2.5G shelf or you can deploy it as part of a high-speed 10G shelf with a low-speed 2.5G tributary. This allows you to either manage bidirectional traffic or properly secure your application traffic on the unidirectional SONET.

Traffic from any ring can be directly interconnected to other rings through any used Alcatel-Lucent WaveStar OLS 2.5G unit without needing additional add/drop ports or cabling that’s normally required when you try to connect rings that live in separate network elements.

All of the models Worldwide Supply offers use 576×576 STS-1 switch fabric for each shelf with standard speed variance for non-blocking connectivity between different networks and shelves.

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