Alcatel Lucent MODCELL

Alcatel Lucent was an early leader in modular cell base station technology, focusing on high capacity and state-of-the-art equipment. Our vast selection of Alcatel Lucent Modcell base stations deliver outstanding carrier density alongside immediate OPEX savings, supporting multiple carriers or sectors per frame.

Ask our expert engineers which model is best suited for your network needs both in indoor and outdoor situations with the ability to cover up to the full spectrum in a single frame, making growth and maintenance significantly easier for your team.

While other brands such as Nokia have purchased models and the underlying Modcell technology — such as the Lucent Flexent® Modcell — Alcatel Lucent’s gear remains one of the highest performing options for networks that need to expand affordably and securely.

Below you’ll find all the supporting equipment you need from power amplifier modules and carrier radios to block and wideband filters. Worldwide Supply has exactly what you need to make the most of your network, especially with leading refurbished Alcatel Lucent Modcell options.

Used Alcatel Lucent Modcell CMDA Base Stations

Alcatel Lucent Modcell CDMA indoor radio cabinets have been powering networks for nearly a decade with robust models like the BTS and AWS 8420. Combined with a third-party distributed antenna system, these units deliver coverage of the 850, 1900, 2100 and many other MHZ bands in digital, filtered and lower power deployments.

Find what you need and be sure to ask about our lifetime warranty, 24/7 support, international parts delivery and maintenance packages as well as certifications that ensure you’ll have a reliable, robust piece of equipment each time you order from Worldwide Supply.

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