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When you buy refurbished Ericsson equipment, you’ll get industry-leading reliability and technology at an affordable price. Improve your investment by selecting used equipment that comes with a lifetime warranty.

The All-in-One Outdoor Enclosure encapsulates any multi-standard/multi-band radio, transmission and power equipment within a single type of enclosure. This new enclosure can handle twice the radio capacity compared with the current generation, and all of this is delivered together with multiple climate options for optimum energy efficiency from the start. The enclosure allows for mixing of functionality and applications in one or several cabinets within the same enclosure system. In addition, the spare part handling is more cost-efficient as only one inventory of spare parts can be used to support all enclosure systems.

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Meet Complex Challenges Affordably

The RBS family of cellular base stations has helped Ericsson become a top name in addressing complex network challenges and roadmaps. Popular models include 2000 series, 3000 series and 6000 series. Used Ericsson equipment from Worldwide Supply can also help you expand your future network at main-remote sites, hybrid sites and small-cell sites.

The 2200 series models such as the RBS 2206 offer a world-class quality with quick installation and commissioning, plus reliable operation and maintenance — all while working alongside other versions of the RBS suite.

When you buy used Ericsson equipment from Worldwide Supply, you can also shore up your entire operation with indoor macro base stations that can match your transceiver and cabinet setup.

Sell Used Ericsson Equipment

Worldwide Supply is always looking to purchase networking hardware and telecom networking equipment, including Ericsson cellular base stations in, GSM, CMDA and LTE technologies.

Get the maximum value for your surplus and used networking equipment and telecom hardware. You’ll receive cash-up-front at highly competitive rates, and we’ll also handle the removal of all networking equipment.

Contact us to see how much your business could save by selling your used Ericsson equipment.

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