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Ericsson Cellular Base Stations

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When you visit Worldwide Supply, you’ll find a great selection of top-flight refurbished and used equipment from all the leading manufacturers. Basically, there’s something to fit almost every need and at prices that are far below what you would pay if you were buying the same piece of equipment from the original manufacturer.

One of the great brands we carry is Ericsson. For instance, the All-In-One Outdoor Enclosure places, in a single cabinet, all the transmission, multi-standard/multi-band radio and power equipment.

Our refurbished Ericsson equipment offers industry-leading reliability and technology at a great price. Improve your investment by selecting used equipment that comes with a lifetime warranty and the accompanying peace of mind.

When compared with current-generation radio capacity, this new style of enclosure can handle double the amount. It allows for combining functionality and applications in one or more cabinets in the same system. You will also save time and money with your spare parts handling because there is only one inventory of small parts used to support all Ericsson enclosure systems.

Meanwhile, Worldwide Supply will buy Ericsson networking equipment you own or have used. When you sell your older equipment to us, you get a price guarantee that you can either use as funds for your business or to invest in an upgrade for your existing network. We’ll have more details below on how you can take advantage of this mutually-beneficial opportunity.

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Based in Sweden, Ericsson is a global networking and telecommunications company. It specializes in information and communication technologies aimed at traditional telecommunications, telecommunications operators and IP networking equipment including fixed and mobile broadband, cable television and an extensive operation service.

Lars Magnus Ericsson founded the company in 1876. What started as a small labor of love now has almost 100,000 employees worldwide located in 180 countries. (If you’re interested in learning more about Ericsson, the company has prepared a reading list about the founder that covers many languages, including English.) During its almost 140 years of existence, it has been granted over 42,000 patents, most recently in wireless communications. As recently as 2012, its market share in the 2G/3G/4G mobile space was 35%.

An area where Ericsson is particularly committed to corporate responsibility is in the placement of base stations. The stations are, of course, needed for smartphones and tablets or any other mobile device to function properly. The stations transmit and receive radiofrequency signals. These are the same signals that are used for regular radio and television broadcasting.

The antenna output power level for an outdoor base station falls between 10 and 40 W. Indoor antennas have about the same power levels as mobile phones. (For comparison, the power output of a television transmitter is about a thousand times higher than an outdoor mobile base station.) Ericsson is aware that people care deeply about any possible health risks from radio waves. The World Health Organization recommends limits which most national authorities adopt.

Only if you are very close to a base station is there any possibility of exceeding exposure limits. Since most outdoor base stations are placed in remote locations — rooftops, building walls or masts outdoors and high on walls indoors — it is unlikely that many people will ever get close enough to warrant concern. The World Health Organization has stated the many studies conducted so far and evidence gathered across the globe indicates no adverse health effects from any radio output from a base station. Ericsson knows part of its corporate responsibility includes letting the public know as much as possible about radio waves.

For all its innovations in the networking space, though, Ericsson has also made important discoveries in other major fields.

It actually coined the term “smartphone” a full 10 years before the Apple iPhone came into widespread usage. Perhaps Ericsson is best known for the development of the wireless connectivity tool used by many people globally: Bluetooth. It was named after a tenth-century Danish king, Harald “Blatand” (or “Bluetooth”) Gormsson. The original intent of Bluetooth was to allow mobile phones to communicate with each other without cables. These days, Bluetooth is used for everything from mobile speakers, communication with a variety of technology within a car and connecting wireless headphones to smartphones.

Ericsson Cellular Base Stations

Worldwide Supply offers refurbished Ericsson networking equipment restored to OEM standards but at 80% off the OEM price:

1. Ericsson RBS 2000

Ericsson RBS-2000

These reliable, energy-efficient used Ericsson base stations combine both indoor and outdoor options. You can also choose between single-sector and multiple-sector configurations. You continue to find them these days on many networks because they still receive continual support from Ericsson.

Both the indoor and outdoor series units provide you with long-lasting support for new customers even when your ability to grow your networks at times is limited. Even with the same or a smaller footprint, each unit creates a stronger network.

The RV 2000 units offer fast installation, simple but reliable operation and the ability to support a variety of other RBS 2000 series machines and products. Even when the locations where you can place your base stations are limited, the RBS 2000 makes expansion straightforward and simple. You can put up to 12 transceivers in a cabinet while maintaining world-class supply flow. It does not matter how confined the space is, either — these units continue to operate at high levels. These are great machines to use to build your network’s backbone.

2. Ericsson RBS 3000

Ericsson RBS-3000

If you don’t want to sacrifice quality or security and you want to improve both your network and your bottom line, consider our legacy refurbished RBS 3000 base stations. We return all of the Ericsson equipment we purchase to OEM standards. This helps you get the most out of any network improvements you make and still maximize your returns.

The series came to the attention of the networking world around the turn of the millennium when Ericsson gave its customers a choice of radio base stations in macro, mini and micro sizes that were optimized for second-generation mobile systems. This product line focuses on hardware that is specially designed for dual-band and higher-order sector configurations, all placed in a single cabinet deployment.

The macro units work across a variety of services with an emphasis on flexibility. The RBS 3000 hardware can work across a broad range of networks and uses. You can adjust most traffic situations and then reflect them in your deployment. Indoor macros can support three sectors and four carriers or, if you prefer, six and two, respectively. Outdoor models have a higher capacity and a greater coverage area.

Again, the all-in-one nature of Ericsson RBS networking equipment means that you can include the power supply and the components that are most needed in a single unit.

3. The RBS 3000 Main – Remote Concept

This unit provides the coverage area of a microcell but in the form factor and packaging of a microcell. The system’s main unit offers diagnostics and system timing along with power controls. It also deals with software handovers.

With units that can be located several kilometers apart, layout and deployment are rapid and easy. A technician can carry the main unit to a rooftop by hand. This guarantees safe deployments, meaning you are working with friendlier equipment and more spaces.

4. Ericsson RBS 6000

Ericsson RBS-6000

Choose this system if you want to significantly improve your network strength for your web applications, your mobile broadband services and your mobile TV reception. Every unit offers all the coverage you need. The RBS works with CDMA, LTE, Wi-Fi, WCDMA/HSPA and GSM/Edge. If you been using the RBS 2000 or 3000 line, moving up to the 6000 will be easy because it provides backward compatibility with these other series.

Purchasing a 6000 series model from Worldwide Supply guarantees you the best support in the industry, equipment you can count on in every situation, and savings as high as 80% off the original OEM price. This equipment is designed to perform at high levels and can be depended upon to perform day in and day out in every situation, no matter how dangerous. It’s an ideal base site for ensuring that first responders receive the information they need as quickly as possible.

The RBS 6202 gives you the greatest impact and performance for data, video and voice services. It’s designed to operate in a 19-inch rack solution as a microsite. When a traditional networking cabinet isn’t the right solution for the job, this flexible unit is what you need.

The RBS 6000 line delivers full IP conductivity, battery backups, integrated power systems, a gigabyte ethernet transport network interface, and the flexibility to move from 5 MHz to 20 MHz and 2×2 MIMO support. It’s an extremely robust system.

5. Ericsson as an OEM

Ericsson is a global networking and telecommunications company. As noted above, Ericsson is a leading developer in a variety of networking spaces and its products have been long hailed by critics for their quality and reliability.

When your enterprise installs an Ericsson product, you know you’re using one of the very best pieces of networking equipment available.

If you’ve always thought that your enterprise could never afford to use the high-quality products offered by Ericsson, Worldwide Supply carries a comprehensive inventory of pre-owned, refurbished and used Ericsson equipment for you to choose from. You can dramatically improve your network while still paying attention to the bottom line.

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If you’re thinking of upgrading, replacing or installing Ericsson equipment in your enterprise, consider what Worldwide Supply has to offer. Our refurbished Ericsson equipment is rigorously tested and inspected. Many of our Ericsson refurbished products perform as well as, or even in some cases better than, the original equipment. But at Worldwide Supply, you can save as much as 80% when you purchase refurbished Ericsson networking equipment.

Even if you’re not in the market for an Ericsson product, Worldwide Supply has a large inventory of current and legacy network and wireless products. Our large stock on hand gives us, in many cases, the flexibility to send you the equipment you need on the same business day you order it. Just like our Ericsson equipment, all our products are tested and certified in our top-of-the-line distribution centers throughout North America, Europe and South America.

Our industry-leading lifetime warranty means that you don’t have to take a risk with other suppliers when you have an emergency order or critical deadline to meet. When you work with Worldwide Supply, there is no need to sacrifice the quality and performance you need while still receiving important cost savings.

You can browse our online catalog and request a quote on any piece of Ericsson equipment. Or you can call our excellent sales team at 1-888-328-2266.