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Founded in 1935 in Japan, Fujitsu Ltd. is the world’s fourth largest IT equipment and services provider. With more than 140,000 employees and services that are available in more than 100 countries, the company is best known for its computing products. However, it also offers telecommunications and advanced microelectronics equipment, among other things.

Buy Used Fujitsu Optical Transport Equipment

With the latest in used and refurbished Fujitsu optical transport equipment, you can prepare your company for the rapidly evolving developments of cloud services, IoT and 5G. Better yet: By purchasing this equipment at an affordable price from Worldwide Supply, you can position yourself to meet all of your customers’ needs — now and well into the future.

Benefits of Used and Refurbished Fujitsu Optical Transport Equipment

Buying used and refurbished Fujitsu optical transport equipment from Worldwide Supply is a smart decision for more reasons than just cost savings. You’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • All equipment is carefully inspected and certified by our engineering team, so you can count on it to perform like new.
  • We offer dozens of pieces of the latest Fujitsu optical transport equipment in our easy-to-navigate online store.
  • You can save as much as 80% compared to OEM prices.
  • You can get the Fujitsu optical transport equipment you want without being locked into OEM maintenance and upgrade contracts.
  • We offer technical support and a lifetime warranty on all pieces of refurbished and used Fujitsu equipment sold.
  • You'll save more money by trading in your old optical transport equipment.

For more information on buying or selling Fujitsu optical transport equipment, feel free to use our contact form or call us directly at 888.328.2266.

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