Fujitsu FLM-150

Secure a New Fujitsu FLM-150

Many top pieces of Fujitsu networking equipment have reached their end of life, including the FLM-150 ADM. However, Worldwide Supply ensures you have access to top equipment you need based on your network, not based on what telecom equipment makers view as their most profitable systems.

The Fujitsu FLM-150 is still a leading OC-3 and OC-12 SONET multiplexer by providing a consistent quality with reduced power needs and greater flexibility to help your network deliver services that keep you competitive. Give your network support across DS1, DS3, OC-3, Ethernet and ATM-based DS3 tributaries for leading bandwidth management across connections between any ports.

The unit supports a broad set of configurations starting at a single shelf with a set of plug-in cards to help you save money as you grow or add additional shelves.

Work With Worldwide Supply to Save

Worldwide Supply offers leading equipment like used and refurbished Fujitsu FLM-150 units to help your network grow and stay strong while minimizing the investment you need to make. Our goal is to empower you to scale as your customers demand and have access to the right equipment based solely on your needs.

End-of-life gear like a used Fujitsu FLM-150 can still be exactly what your technicians need to manage your network. We’ll work with you on parts and equipment that are fully compatible and brought up to OEM standards, with a corresponding warranty, so you can be sure your network is secure and will avoid as much downtime as possible.

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