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Buy and Sell Refurbished ADC Equipment

ADC Telecommunications was an equipment provider that began its efforts all the way back in 1936, originally focusing on its brand as an Audio Development Company. Since its inception, it’s built and designed a wide range of sophisticated audio systems that later moved into the telecom space during the breakup of AT&T into the seven “Baby Bells.”

While it was sold to TE Connectivity in 2010, the ADC-branded equipment is now sold and managed by CommScope. The line of new and used ADC equipment offered by Worldwide Supply is part of CommScope’s larger efforts in base station antennas, microwave and RF systems, splitters, multiplexers and full networking systems.

We focus on RF signal management for our refurbished ADC equipment because the brand’s lines are still reliable and easy to work with, plus easy to integrate into many of today’s leading carrier networks.

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Choosing Worldwide Supply for your used ADC equipment means you get a partner familiar with all of its history, setup, protocols and hardware. We know ADC gear backward and forward, with certified engineers and technicians reviewing all used equipment. Everything is field tested and brought up to OEM standards before it heads out to you.

We are so sure of the work we do that all OEM equipment comes with a lifetime warranty. We’ll protect you and your business, while you focus on growth and reliability. There’s no need to settle, especially when you choose our maintenance packages that work across OEMs and provide access to speedy parts delivery, emergency repair services and a knowledgeable staff who are always ready to answer your questions.