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Network giant Nokia Siemens is a leader in the cellular base station market because of its pioneering work in technology innovation. Nokia Siemens provides a wide range of products that support GSM, WCDMA, EDGE and LTE networks that allow your network to support IP-related functionalities and even GB-over-IP interfaces.

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Nokia Siemens Legacy Cellular Base Stations

Equipment such as Nokia UltraSite, introduced in 1999, is still used all over the world to support 3rd Generation services such as GSM, EDGE and WCDMA. The UltraSite Base Station can be installed as an upgrade to existing GSM base stations to increase site capacity or to enhance network data capability. With Nokia EDGE and WCDMA transceivers, the solution can enable Mobile Multimedia applications such as video-telephony, infotainment, mobile Internet and intranet access. In addition to the UltraSite, the Nokia MetroSite solution includes a high-capacity base station, a transmission node and two integrated radio links for cellular transmission.

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