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Juniper MX Series Router

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Juniper Networks MX Series Routers are high-performance, software-centric routers capable of supporting a variety of enterprise, data center, cloud center, mobile service core, business, and residential applications. Their unmatched flexibility compliments powerful routing, switching, and service capabilities. The MX Series streamlines network operations and improves availability, performance, and security.

Not only does the MX Series boast flexibility in its operation, but in components as well. All major components are field replaceable. This strategically increases system availability while decreasing mean time to repair (MTTR). Additional advanced features include traffic segmentation & virtualization with MPLS, subscriber management, low-latency multicast, comprehensive security and much more.

Commanding a competitive edge in today’s Ethernet environment is difficult, but the MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers make it possible. We are pleased to provide Juniper’s midrange MX Series chassis: Juniper Networks MX240, MX480, and MX960 3D Universal Edge Routers.

  • The Used Juniper MX240 Router offers high-interface density and performance in a space-efficient package that is practical for enterprise WAN, data center, and campus deployments as well as several service provider applications in small and medium points of presence (POPs).
  • The Used Juniper MX480 Router provides a dense, highly redundant platform primarily targeted for medium to large enterprise campuses and data centers, and service provider edge applications in medium and large POPs.
  • The Used Juniper MX960 Router is a high-density, high-capacity platform designed for the service provider edge and data center cores.

MX Series Benefits

Unmatched Network Availability

Ensure nonstop network availability the with layered physical, logical, and protocol-level resiliency options featured in this true carrier-grade platform. The MX Series chassis redundancy is based on advanced Virtual Chassis technology.

Link aggregation group (LAG) technology supports stateful card and port redundancy in addition to subscriber and session persistence in the case of switchover.

Comprehensive Broadband Edge Capabilities

The powerful broadband network gateway (BNG) of the MX Series lets operators provision broadband services for today and tomorrow with support for:

  • Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) subscriber termination
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
  • IPv4/IPv6 local server
  • Relay proxy for subscribers’ migration to DHCP access models

Broad Business Edge Capabilities

Reduce expenses and enable innovative business services with the comprehensive VPN toolkit in the MX Series. The toolkit enables feature-rich, standards-based, secure interworking and streamlined operations to give you a competitive edge.

In addition to basic L3 VPN, L2 VPN, and VPLS, enhanced VPN service support includes:

  • QoS prioritized VPN traffic for voice and video
  • VPN-aware multicast and firewall services that leverage technologies such as:
    • LDP-BGP VPLS interworking
    • Point-to-Multipoint label-switched paths (P2MP LSPs)
    • BGP-based multicast L3 VPN
    • L2 VPN interworking to connect dissimilar L2 access networks
    • MPLS plug-and-play
    • IPsec/GRE VPNs

Metro Ethernet Capabilities

Carrier Ethernet 2.0 certified, the MX Series supports metro Ethernet and aggregation solutions with a full suite of routing and switching features. You’ll be able to choose the deployment model that best fits your business and technical needs with this advanced Juniper solution.

The MX Series can be flexibly deployed as an

  • IP/IP VPN edge router
  • VPLS provider edge router (VPLS-PE)
  • MPLS label-switching router (LSR)
  • L2 switch
  • L3 router

SDN Gateway Capabilities

The MX Series is ideal for SDN gateway functions between virtual and physical networks or between virtual networks operating with different technologies. It supports:

  • Multiprotocol BGP (MBGP)
  • Dynamic tunnels using MPLS-over-GRE or VXLAN encapsulation
  • Virtual routing tables and forwarding (VRF) and EVI (E-VPNs)
  • Mechanisms to send traffic between VRF and global routing tables based on configuration and policy

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