Lifetime Warranty

Worldwide Supply Lifetime Warranty

Worldwide Supply believes the best way to demonstrate true commitment to quality and value is by offering our clients an unprecedented industry leading standard lifetime warranty on all pre-owned OEM-branded network equipment, as well as all new Worldwide Supply-branded products.

For as long as our client owns the equipment, they will be 100% fully covered in the event of an equipment failure. The Worldwide Supply technical engineering support team within minutes will either solve the problem over the phone or approve a best-effort advanced replacement unit. No waiting, no finger pointing, hassle free. We will replace the equipment with the exact model or a model with the same functionality. A replacement will be delivered on-site and installed before the original unit has left your location.

For guaranteed advanced replacement and/or repair SLAs (next business day, 4 hour, and onsite spare) and 24×7 Advanced Technical Support, our NetGuard Maintenance & Support programs provide the protection your network requires at an affordable price.

Full terms of our warranty