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Buy and Sell Used Harris Microwave Radios

Wide Selection of Used Harris Networking Equipment with a Lifetime Warranty

Harris designed the Constellation to meet the transmission needs of a large variety of customers: cellular and PCS providers, state and local governments, railway and pipeline operators and public and private fixed networks.

Upgrade your network to meet your customers’ rigorous standards required for next generation technology with the industry-leading microwave radio portfolio from Harris. You can purchase refurbished Harris equipment from Worldwide Supply and improve your network by expanding capacity and seeing higher system gains through the Constellation line.

Used Harris equipment still yields dependable, adaptable radio boasts a 13.8 year meantime between failure (MTBF) rate and is easily configured for different frequency and capacity upgrades. Automated maintenance capabilities and reduced spare parts requirements minimize operational costs.

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Reach for the Stars with Constellation

Harris has continued to upgrade its Constellation line and focused the latest models to improve flexibility for network planning. The line also eliminates the need for your network to increase antenna size.  This results in lower monthly costs for you and reduced improvement costs for your network build-out.

The Constellation can be managed by one person from a single location and features other remote operation and management efficiencies such as remote software downloads, remote electronic inventory to simplify the logistics of tracking installed modules and remote control of test circuitry between sites for improved fault isolation management.

Buy used Harris equipment to access Constellation performance options, including a service channel to provide one voice and one data channel and a keypad that enables users to quickly configure the system, monitor alarms, or diagnose a problem. The radio’s SNMP open network management system makes it compatible with FarScan and Harris Network Management (HNM) systems, allowing complete integration with other installed Harris microwave solutions.

EOL Lines

A variety of microwave radios have reached their end-of-life, but can still deliver top quality options for your network. Used Harris equipment still keeps its reliability for your operation and the lifetime warranty from Worldwide Supply ensures that you’re getting equipment with a long network life.

Some of our most popular EOL lines include:

  • MegaStar radio terminals and repeaters that serve as a cost-effective solution to more expensive new radios.
  • Microstar radios that provide a boost for last-mile deployments with a variety of modulation schemes.
  • DVM family of radios with drop and insert capabilities, multiple frequency band support, and the ability to put your terminal and repeater in a single rack.

Sell Your Harris Equipment

Worldwide Supply is always looking for a wide variety of networking hardware and telecom networking equipment, including Harris and many other product brands. We will help you receive the maximum value for your surplus and used networking equipment and telecom hardware. You will receive cash-up-front at highly competitive rates when you sell Harris equipment. Worldwide Supply will even handle the removal of all your networking equipment.

Contact us today to see how much your business could save when buying or selling your Harris devices.