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Ciena is known for giving commercial networks of all different shapes and sizes the tools and resources they need to make the most of their potential. This industry-leading manufacturer engineers their equipment to help service providers keep up with the competitive market as consumers demand faster, stronger technology.

Included in our inventory of refurbished OEM equipment is an extensive line of Ciena Ethernet service products. These include entries from Ciena’s CN 3100, 3900, 5100, 5400 and 7100 product families, which all provide powerful network switching and delivery capabilities. These multiservice platforms will give you more seamless control over the management of services and traffic flow within your network system.

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line Ethernet services that will allow you to integrate your company’s technology while staying in control of precious time and finances, used Ciena equipment from Worldwide Supply is the solution you need.

Why Invest in Refurbished Ciena Ethernet Service Equipment?

Worldwide Supply’s selection of Ciena Ethernet switches and multiservice platforms supports the delivery of telecom services to subscribers across your network. If your current network infrastructure could use an extra boost, these Ciena products will make it easier to deploy services faster. For both smaller and larger enterprise networks, Ciena Ethernet services provide multiple advantages:

  • Scalability
  • Protection against system malfunctions and failures
  • Service integration
  • Simpler management and maintenance
  • High-volume traffic support
  • Reduced expenses

With refurbished Ciena Ethernet services equipment, you can maximize the resilience and productivity of your SONET, SDH or other network. The more efficient the network's system becomes, the more customers you can satisfy over a shorter period. With the expenses you cut from network operations, you can start investing in other upgrades or business expansion efforts.

Ciena Ethernet switches and multiservice platforms are smart, energy-efficient pieces of equipment that will prove to be worthy system components for your network. In addition, buying used Cinema ethernet services from Worldwide Supply can be an even more economical investment in the long-run over ordering a brand-new model.

Ethernet Service Equipment From Worldwide Supply

We understand you need affordable, effective network options to help your business grow. When you partner with us, we help protect your investment with the Worldwide Supply standard lifetime warranty and preventive maintenance services.

Our team will also accept your used equipment if you have any Ciena parts or units you want to get rid of. This will both free up space on your company's premises and provide you with either cash or a credit toward your next purchase.

Check out the wide variety of new and refurbished Ciena Ethernet services equipment we have available and fill out our online form to request a quote now!