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KMW Communications provides a wide range of antennas and other networking equipment developed for the US, PCS, AWS and WiMAX bands. With the full range of KMW antennas available, Worldwide Supply can help you find the right size to meet your customers’ needs.

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Advantages of KMW Antennas

KMW has developed a significant line of cost-effective antennas and networking equipment with different focuses to boost your network performance. There are many different benefits to the antenna systems with features that can increase support, capacity and more. These include:

Dual-Phase Technology

KMW antennas have put a major focus on remote adjustments including the down-tilt. The dual-phase approach allows for an adjustment of tilt and azimuth which KMW claims has saved carriers hundreds of thousands of dollars in CAPEX and OPEX.

Reduce the need for tower crew adjustments when you buy KMW antennas.

High and Low Broad Band Antennas

Grow your networking without needing to purchase new cell sites and struggle with zoning restrictions. KMW antennas allow you to move into the 700 MHz band by replacing AWS and PCS‐only antennas with dual-band options.

Single RET

Many antennas require two independent remote electrical tilt (RET) modules to provide independent control for each band. KMW dual-band antennas allow you to control both bands with a single RET module, simplifying your process and control for network improvement.

4G Antennas

You can buy KMW antennas that support the full premium development as 4G networks become a customer demand. Choose WiMAX and LTE antennas and peripherals that are designed to help scale your network for data and voice applications.

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Worldwide Supply is proud to offer a full selection of new KMW antennas and other products. With a focus on core RF technology, KMW has been manufacturing antennas and other networking equipment for more than 20 years.

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