Fujitsu Flashwave 7500

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The Fujitsu Flashwave 7500 is an optical transport system built for global applications and high-bandwidth service delivery. The platform delivers some of the most advanced optical hubbing DWDM, ROADM and network design proficiencies to provide significant metro and regional network growth support.

Adding a new or refurbished Fujitsu Flashwave 7500 to your network will allow you to deploy complete network automation from initial design through daily management, even across a broad set of advanced functions and tools. The platform’s optical core relies on advanced wavelength selective switch technology to provide flexible wavelength topology and routing support.

Worldwide Supply works with companies to deploy used and new Fujitsu Flashwave 7500 models in networks as these top carriers look to build a future-proof option for their DWDM transport networks. We’ve seen the WSS eliminate the need for fiber jumpers when networks add or drop wavelength, so our clients can reduce their capital and operating expenses.

Grow With Modular Architecture

Our selection of new and used Fujitsu Flashwave 7500s meet all OEM standards thanks to rigorous testing and review in our certified laboratories. We employ real-world testing schemes to ensure your network can use all of the 7500’s metro and regional multiservice ROADM built for modular deployments.

The Fujitsu Flashwave 7500 meets common standards and needs across up to 40 wavelengths and supports 24 nodes at 1000 km distances. Remote provisioning and self-tuning ensure you can provide rapid service activation as you add or change modules across your network.

Look to the 7500 for a smart way to expand even the most sophisticated service offerings on your largest, most-demanding networks.

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