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Buy and Sell Used Huawei Networking Equipment

Huawei Technologies is one of the largest telecom equipment manufacturers and network services companies in the world, even eclipsing Ericsson, with equipment running in more than 170 countries.

The Huawei optics and networking equipment available to you today is also powering 45 of the 50 largest telecom operators in the world. Its expertise in the mobile network and related devices has led to Huawei building equipment for network development, as well as smartphones, mobiles, operating systems and other gear that needs these networks to survive.

Worldwide Supply provides a variety of used Huawei gear and is working to expand into more options for base stations, routers, switches and other assets today’s networks need. Our selection currently focuses on tools you can use to improve your revenue generation for new and existing customers while running a more efficient network.

We bring refurbished Huawei equipment up to original OEM standards, so you know you’re making the most of each investment. Mobile broadband, fixed lines and indoor coverage are the new normal, and Huawei is at the forefront of equipment designed to meet the unique needs of each area within a single platform.

Save on Used Huawei Networking Gear

Worldwide Supply backs all the refurbished and used Huawei equipment we offer with a comprehensive warranty and repair service to keep you in good shape for network growth.

You get the benefit of new equipment at a cost you can afford to deliver a better experience for customers, leaders and shareholders. Plus, adopting the Huawei platform will put you in good shape to have the right equipment in place to thrive as the market pushes the further digitalization of carriers.

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