Reverse Logistics

Worldwide Supply Reverse Logistics

Worldwide Supply Reverse Logistics Services transform an increasingly costly and complex returns asset management process into a competitive advantage for companies throughout the globe. Our experienced professionals help design custom reverse logistics programs and warehousing solutions that achieve not only a significant savings in inventory and transportation management costs, but also allow our clients to focus their critical resources on core business and high value products and services.

Networking and Telecom Reverse Logistics Services

Worldwide Supply’s team of professionals encompasses industry leading expertise focused entirely on creating innovative reverse logistics solutions for our clients that include:

  • Inventory Management
  • Equipment Storage
  • Automated ERP System – Real Time Visibility
  • Test and Audit
  • Custom Sourcing Programs
  • Full Array of Warehouse Services
  • Materials Return Management

Transportation Management

Our transportation management solutions are designed to streamline costs and optimize your carrier alternatives and routing. We provide inbound/outbound materials management, merge in-transit services, optimal route and network selection services, carrier selection and routing, tracking, trade compliance and help optimize costly tariff issues.

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