Nokia UltraSite

Nokia Ultrasite

Buy New and Used Nokia UltraSite Series GSM Stations

Upgrade existing GSM base stations and improve your network data capabilities by investing in these used Nokia cellular base stations. Continue your migration to 3rd Gen services and beyond with site solutions that support infotainment, mobile Web access, videotelephony and secure intranet access.

The Nokia UltraSite series of GSM base stations includes a triple-mode option that combines GSM with EDGE and WCDMA site design, so that you can move almost any network to third-gen status and support existing networks that haven’t yet made the transition.

Boost your network with high-speed circuit switched data, general packet radio services, EDGE and more with one unit designed to enhance current investments and help you migrate to what’s currently available. Don’t worry about your current deployment. Enhance it with the right UltraSite.

Save Your Network As You Grow

And you can save even more on network upgrades and performance improvements by working with Worldwide Supply to secure a refurbished Nokia UltraSite that’s been certified, tested and proven ready for work in the field right now.

While the Nokia UltraSite series includes a multi-standard base station, you also have access to a variety of compact and high-capacity site components and elements to ensure proper transmission as well as antenna and battery backup support.

Worldwide Supply has a full stock of new and used Nokia UltraSite gear so you can fit it wherever you need it most. Give yourself the scale and support you need to meet today’s demanding clients and new protocols.

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