LTE Antennas

LTE and WiMAX technology support networks download and upload at speeds of up to 10 times greater than previous 3G networks. LTE products and antennas allow you to expand your network’s speed and capabilities to your customers even through the last mile.

Operating on the 700Mhz, many LTE antennas are specifically made to perform best at this frequency without the need for amplifiers and repeaters on standard coverage ranges. When you partner with Worldwide Supply, you can improve your reach beyond existing cells by including a wide variety of amplifiers and other LTE products.

Buy New LTE Products

Worldwide Supply is proud to offer a wide selection of new LTE antennas and products that can facilitate network growth and migration to these new 4G technologies.

When you buy LTE antennas from Worldwide Supply, you’ll receive brand new products that haven’t been deployed on any other network. With the new availability of 4G networking equipment, we have focused on the most popular OEM LTE products to help you grow.

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Rapid Deployment of Future-Proof LTE Antennas

LTE antennas and other networking products are the perfect fit when scaling your network to grow to meet consumer demand. By selecting and buying LTE products, your money will create a future-proof network that can operate across past technologies and move your network into the 4G future.

Antennas can also be designed and optimized for any 4G device and cell, so you can onboard a solution with flexible circuits and antennas to support other technologies. Most LTE antennas are 2G and 3G compatible so you can deploy them in areas where your 4G rollout is still in its planning phase.

When you order with Worldwide Supply, you’ll support your network and experience savings — all while you plan ahead for your future growth.

Meeting Your Needs

Worldwide Supply offers a full range of LTE products to support your network scaling and service migration. Talk to us today and ask about micro connector adaptor leads to upgrade 3G data cards, low PIM multiband directional antennas, terminal antennas, portable and mountable MIMO antennas, and more.

Meet the future demands of your customers’ 4G mobile devices and strengthen your backbone. Don’t let your network buckle under the need for new coverage while demand across existing WCDMA, CDMA, and GSM remains robust.

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