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Cisco Telephony Gateway

Are you looking for a fast, cost-effective way to integrate your communications system? If so, you need a refurbished Cisco Gateway from Worldwide Supply.

Cisco offers a wide range of IP Telephony products for businesses and service providers who want to cut operational costs and extend the life of their current equipment. If you’re interested in enhancing your system, take a look at Worldwide Supply’s product line of Cisco VoIP products, including Cisco VoIP Gateways, Media Convergence Servers (MCS), IP Phones and voice modules.

Our Cisco Gateway technology provides an efficient, long-lasting solution for your telecommunications network systems. If you use analog voice devices, a gateway is the piece of hardware that allows you to transmit voice communications to and from the devices. Along with a Cisco router, you can use a refurbished piece of gateway hardware to support a smooth performance and seamless conversion to PSTN-friendly data.

Product Benefits

When you order a Cisco Gateway, you can integrate it with your other Cisco technology to create a faster, smarter system. The VoIP Gateway is considered one of the more popular types of phone systems due to its high bandwidth capacity. Cisco Gateways, in particular, offer multi-interface support, clear voice and video and compatibility with some third-party systems.

Cisco is well-known for manufacturing and providing some of the industry’s leading networking equipment. If you use Cisco equipment or have a Cisco-based system, you can count on having high-performing technology at your side. By choosing Worldwide Supply as your supplier for refurbished Cisco equipment, you can take advantage of an even more cost-effective solution thanks to our competitive pricing and preventive maintenance services. We’re dedicated to helping you make your Cisco Gateway last for the life of your other system components.

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