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Used and Refurbished Juniper Routers

Whether it’s part of an upgrade or a new configuration of major components, at Worldwide Supply, we have a wide selection of new excess, refurbished and used Juniper Routers capable of high performance for affordable prices. As part of Juniper Networks’ product line, its routers are highly sought after for applications as core routers and edge routers, as well as for functions in wireless networking and data centers. They’re also frequently used as aggregation devices.

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing routers with refurbished Juniper equipment, you can also turn your outdated routers into cash with our buy-back and asset-recovery services.

Wide Selection of Used Juniper Routers

Check out our vast inventory of used Juniper routers, including the Juniper Networks MX Series lineup. These software-centric, high-performance routers are fully capable of a number of enterprise applications — including cloud center, data center and mobile service core applications — along with residential uses. In addition, the MX Series is known for its unmatched flexibility that extends all the way to its field replaceable components, which contribute to its decreased mean time to repair.

Looking for a competitive edge? Look no further than the following used Juniper MX Series routers:

  • Refurbished Juniper MX240 Series Router: Used and refurbished Juniper MX240 routers offer a high-interface density in an incredibly space-efficient design, which makes them an ideal solution for data center, WAN and campus deployments. Service providers also appreciate their small and medium points of presence — or POPs.
  • Used Juniper MX960 Router: Used Juniper MX960 routers are designed for high-density, high-capacity platform applications such as service provider edge and data center cores.

Other selections from the Juniper Networks lineup include the following:

  • Refurbished Juniper M320 Router: Our inventory includes used and refurbished Juniper M320 Series routers that are rigorously tested and inspected by our certified engineers. This testing ensures like-new performance for your best-in-class Juniper network — for a fraction of the price you’d pay for new equipment.
  • Used Juniper M7I Series Router: Our used Juniper M7I routers are so popular that we can often arrange for next-day delivery from our extensive inventory selection. Now you can expand your existing network without the high costs associated with extensive upgrades.
  • Used Juniper M10I Router: As part of the M Series, a used Juniper M10I router might be just the piece of equipment you need to give you the performance you’re looking for. It can also serve as part of your spares network to help eliminate costly maintenance fees.
  • Refurbished Juniper T320 Series Router: From our state-of-the-art testing facility, we can offer you used and refurbished Juniper T320 Series routers that are fully ready to perform like new.
  • Used Juniper T640 Router: Our used Juniper T640 routers form a cost-effective equipment solution that will allow you to build your network capabilities without exhausting your working capital.

Industry-Leading Support and Warranty

As exciting as our new excess, refurbished and used Juniper router selection is our industry-leading support and warranty that will have you buying from Worldwide Supply with confidence. All of our Juniper equipment comes with a lifetime warranty, and if you need installation or configuration support, our technical experts will help at no extra charge.

Learn more about our pre-owned Juniper routers. Request a quote, click “Live Chat” above or call us directly at 888.328.2266.