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Buy and Sell Used Eltek-Valere DC Power

Wide Selection of Used Eltek-Valere Equipment

Expand your DC power system by selecting only the best in refurbished Eltek-Valere equipment. Receive a lifetime warranty, so you can meet your growing needs at an affordable price. Eltek is a leading supplier of high-efficiency power electronics and energy conversion with equipment in use around the globe.

Give yourself the gift of reliability when you buy used Eltek equipment to power your network, reduce your environmental impact, and save energy and money.

At Worldwide Supply, the refurbished Eltek equipment will not only power your network, but it will provide you with configurable expansion options to meet future network demand.

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TEC series rectifiers are the ultimate building block for large central office telecom power plants. The fully DSP controlled rectifier have a high-efficient performance under all working conditions. The unique form factor and module design gives best possible heat management and easy operation of the DC power plant with the Powerpack rectifier.

Choose from our wide range of TEC rectifiers to ensure that your telecom equipment gets the right power. Save yourself time and money by avoiding costly repairs By purchasing your refurbished rectifiers from a reliable source like Worldwide Supply.


With a compact design, the Flatpack2 rectifier is designed for use in switchgear, telecom and emergency applications. The wide DC output range of the rectifier makes it suitable for parallel operation with all types of stationary batteries.

Your Flapack2 refurbished Eltek equipment can provide your network with the new standard in rectifier efficiency. According to Eltek, the Flatpack2 family can provide efficiency up to 96.5% even at a low load. Units have a proven reliability of up to 2.5 million cumulative field MTBF hours.

Build your high-efficiency network and reduce your energy costs, while saving money on your upgrade experience, when you buy used Eltek-Valere equipment.

Sell Eltek-Valere Equipment

Worldwide Supply is always looking for a wide variety of networking hardware and telecom networking equipment, including Eltek-Valere and other product brands. And when you sell your Eltek equipment to Worldwide Supply, you can generate cash flow from excess equipment as you upgrade and improve your existing network.

You’ll get cash at the maximum value when we buy used Eltek-Valere equipment from your company. Selling used networking equipment and telecom hardware is a simple process, we will even manage the removal of all networking equipment if needed.

Contact us today to see how much your business could earn by selling your used Eltek equipment.

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