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Worldwide Supply Asset Recovery Services

Let us guide you through the lifecycle management process

Worldwide Supply’s asset recovery specialists have been helping clients for over three decades cost-effectively, acquire, maintain and transition their network equipment and wireless assets. We are the world’s largest and most efficient reverse logistics global organization with the most robust offerings and processes.

Our recovery and asset tracking services are designed to help you optimize your budget and spend with an eye toward future growth. Using the latest software and technologies, we’re able to offer deep and supportive services covering asset maintenance, returns, repairs, full replacements, warranties, decommissioning and more.

Our complete asset services are designed to protect your network today and into the future. We use software license compliance tools as well as asset-specific systems to save your business time and money with the latest resources and resolutions.

Understanding Lifecycle Management and Asset Tracking Services From Worldwide Supply

Even the savviest firms can become burdened by complex business processes, a growing list of regulations and outsourced asset recovery management that’s less than transparent. Any combination of these factors makes it very difficult to maintain a comprehensive IT portfolio or comply with regulatory requirements.

Through a suite of comprehensive offerings, we can help clients obtain the most value out of their current networking and wireless assets while helping them affordably transform their network infrastructure to meet today’s business challenges. From refurbished products to expand coverage through the returning and reclamation of assets into new revenue options, we understand the complete lifecycle of communications equipment. Our asset offerings include:

  • Customized consignment programs
  • Free inventory audit reporting
  • Creative trade-in and asset exchange strategies
  • Outright cash purchases – highest values paid in the industry
  • Custom reverse logistics programs and warehousing solutions
  • Comprehensive and integrated recycling/green solutions

Managing Equipment From Any OEM

Our specialists are experts in asset management and rely on the latest innovations to manage complex asset tracking services and inventory management resolution tools. This allows you to reduce or eliminate annual losses related to fraud, theft, spares misallocation, operational inefficiency and that spare warehouse where you’re hoarding parts you’ll never need.

Part of what makes us different is that we can centralize your asset management for equipment regardless of manufacturer or initial source. We rise above an individual OEM in all our efforts, including returns and asset tracking services.

Let Worldwide Supply’s Asset Recovery Specialists help make it simple and easy to maximize you’re the value of your IT assets.  Contact an Asset Recovery Specialist online, at or call 888.328.2266 to get started today.

Ask us how we can proactively identify elements within your network that may need replacement, refurbishment, returns or removal. Let’s safeguard your operations and your network by acting before disaster strikes and you find out the hard way that your assets were too far past their service life.

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