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Alcatel Lucent 5ESS is a Class 5 switching system built specifically for AT&T and the Bell System, launched initially in 1982. Since then, continual improvements have made the Alcatel Lucent 5ESS Switch one of the more powerful Class 5 deployments. It is also common in smaller Class 4/5 hybrid deployments thanks to its support of multiple administrative, communications and switching modes.

In a world that’s focusing on wireless deployments, the Alcatel Lucent 5ESS central office switching system remains the powerhouse of wired voice networks. It leads with many commercial and government communication platforms and remains a proven and cost-effective switch replacement.

Many Worldwide Supply customers turn to refurbished Alcatel Lucent 5ESS models for office consolidation or to improve switch functionality while minimizing expense. With our used options, which are certified by trained technicians and engineers, you get top quality without paying top dollar.

Alcatel Lucent 5ESS Specifications

Standard features and specifications of the 5ESS Switch include:

  • Support for up to 192 Switching Modules (SMs).
  • Line and Trunk scanning functions
  • Routine maintenance & self-maintenance
  • Tone & Cadence generation
  • Digit Analysis
  • Call Routing, Ckt. Switching, and Packet Switching
  • Announcements
  • Call progress supervision
  • Subscriber Calling features like: Call Wating, Abberviated Dialing, Call Diversion, Conference Calls

Power in the Alcatel Lucent 5ESS Switch

Refurbished Alcatel Lucent 5ESS from Worldwide Supply provide TDM switching that works with a variety of today’s leading equipment, from computers and data systems to phones, faxes and other information platforms. The latest version of the 5ESS is the cornerstone of many networks that provide wireline, voice, data and video and even some wireless voice functionality.

The 5ESS-2000 series supports more than 300 voice calling features, more than 25,000 lines, remote switching and VCDX on up to 8,000 lines.

Deliver power and reliability for today’s most demanding customers, and do it at a rate you can afford with a certified used Alcatel Lucent 5ESS Switch that’s priced perfectly for a growing network.

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