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Ciena is a broad network strategy and technology company with more than 25 years of industry success. Its technology is used by more than 1,300 of the world's leading networks, boosting reliability and improving the achievement of business models.

Ciena is known for its development of visibility, virtualization, automation, collaboration and optics technologies. The company's optical gear operates in the world's largest mesh network and supports high-capacity transport for U.S. cable providers.

New and Used Ciena Optics

Worldwide Supply is expanding our optics lineup with four new options from Ciena:

  • Core Director: A multiservice optical switch
  • Multiwave: Highly intelligent optical transport system for significant markets
  • OME 6110 and 6500 Series: Packet optical platforms and compact access points for various networks.

Ciena optics supports a full end-to-end solution that can be fully managed and expand a growing network with the latest support. Refurbished Ciena optics, such as the OME 6110, are a smart choice for smaller offices to large enterprises that need dedicated quality and flexible bandwidth support.

Worldwide Supply sells a variety of refurbished Ciena optics units, supporting your edge, bridging Ethernet and TDM capabilities, expanding to high-capacity capabilities or even scaling up to terabit switching on each slot.

No matter how you wish to expand your network and grow your metro, there's a Ciena optics choice for you. Worldwide Supply is a leading provider of network solutions designed for deployments of all sizes with a variety of optics covered under leading warranties and support systems.

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