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Juniper e320 series router

Are you looking for a specific Juniper E320 or T320 Series model to upgrade or maintain your telecommunications system? Then browse our inventory of E320/T320 and NetScreen 50 products, from current well-known pieces of equipment to rarer models. Request a quote today or call us at 888-328-2266 for more details about how our refurbished Juniper E320/T320 products can help you.

Juniper E320/T320 Series Product Details

Juniper E320/T320 Series products are routers designed to provide enterprise communications systems with powerful, high-speed service capabilities. Both E320 and T320 routers can manage a high bandwidth and offer long-term reliability in the workplace. Here are some of the features of Juniper E320 and T320 hardware:

  • E320: This router works with large high-traffic networks while support applications for virtual private networks (VPN), Metro Ethernet, VoIP, video, subscriber management and more. Built with a variety of technological benefits, E320 systems are IP-based and have an impressive port density suitable for larger enterprises. Their scalability makes them the ideal solution for companies and service providers looking to expand their network reach or bring in more personnel.
  • T320: With separate controls and packet forwarding processes, the Juniper T320 Series is optimized for excellent speed and performance. It supports multiple interfaces, including Gigabit Ethernet, SONET and more. With the ability to transmit signals through its system at 160 Gbps, this router can direct all your business’s traffic at a rate that will help improve overall efficiency and productivity. The router also comes with positioning handles and two ESD points.

When you do business with Worldwide Supply, we go above and beyond to make sure you have a pleasant customer experience. We inspect all our used Juniper E320/T320 Series equipment for quality, as we know how important it is for you to have smooth-running system components. We also offer new products so you can stay within your financial means while still making the most of your network’s potential. In addition, working with us will allow you to save plenty of funds on maintenance costs.

Warranty and Support Benefits

We sell each Juniper E320/T320 Series product with a standard lifetime warranty to further reassure you of our confidence in the quality of our equipment. If your product fails or malfunctions, we’ll work with you to address the issue and remedy it as soon as possible.

Because it can be challenging to navigate new system components, we also provide installation, configuration and maintenance support so you can fix issues faster and make sure the equipment works as intended.

Turn Surplus Juniper E320/T320 Series Into Cash

Let’s say you need a Juniper E320/T320 Series part to upgrade your system — if you have any older parts or equipment you no longer need, we’ll take them off your hands and give you cash in return. We even have buy-back services and asset recovery, which will allow you to benefit from your extra system components.

Place an order today and watch your Juniper equipment purchase change your business for the better!

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