Alcatel Lucent FT-2000

Alcatel Lucent FT 2000

The Alcatel-Lucent FT-2000 product line is now a Nokia device, though they have all reached their end of service and life, with minimal support from Nokia for ongoing maintenance. You can still get years out of your used Alcatel-Lucent FT-2000 series multiplexers by working with us at Worldwide Supply.

We’ll be your maintenance partner and can even help you secure refurbished Alcatel-Lucent FT-2000 series multiplexers to grow your network. Don’t let an OEM dictate what your network needs or can access. Get exactly what you need and choose our OEM-neutral maintenance package to ensure that it continues to run for years to come.

Options for the Alcatel-Lucent FT-2000s

Currently, Nokia offers two FT-2000 models, though no new models are in production:

  • The Nokia FT-2000 ADR is a light wave, long-haul transport OC48 SONET/SDH multiplexer. Older models feature a single system per bay and use STS-3 cross-connect fabric, while second generation models use the cross-connect rate of STS-1.
  • The Nokia FT-2000 LCT is an OC48-4 fiber multiplexer that’s designed for next-generation light wave networks. This allows you to combine an Alcatel-Lucent FT-2000 with Nokia’s NGLN systems for a single solution. Common combinations include Nokia’s WaveStar OLS 80G and 40G.

Not sure which is right for your network? Contact us. We’re here to help you find the best equipment and save significantly with a used Alcatel-Lucent FT-2000 that’s right-sized for you. Let’s take the second-guessing out of building a better network.

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