Case Study – Global Telecom


The Client

A fully integrated telecom solution provider, the global brand delivers advanced mobile services, next-generation TV, high-speed Internet and smart solutions worldwide. Sales exceed $140 billion annually.

Network Equipment Challengesethernet cables

Even billion-dollar brands have to work within a budget, which can be far more stringent than smaller communications enterprises. This multinational brand was overburdened by multiple network equipment OEMs repeatedly discontinuing key products and pushing ongoing upgrades of its core network elements. These upgrades were not cost-effective nor did they extend the useful life of the existing system.

The client reached out to Worldwide Supply seeking a top-tier solutions provider who could hit the ground running and provide deep inventory ready to roll out the door on very short notice.

But by extending the life cycle of their network hardware, the carrier was able to continue providing industry-leading service–without subjecting customers to rate hikes.

Merger and Acquisition IT Management

Additionally, through mergers and acquisitions, the client was hindered by the task of blending operating networks which often were not homogeneous. This task was further complicated by the fact that much of this newly acquired equipment was supplied by OEMs with whom the client had no pre-existing relationship. Again, scrapping the acquired network hardware–and replacing it with new OEM-provided product–was not a cost-effective solution.

Their existing OEMs continually pushed for equipment upgrades and adding support features that did not take into consideration the unique needs of their network or the strategic growth plans of the business.

Enterprise hardware expenditures continue to play a critical role in IT budgets. Recent reporting shows an annual spend of $85+ billion in network infrastructure for the telecom industry. The outlook for network equipment spending in North America will remain robust over the next few years, driven by the move to cloud architectures, data center needs and the never-ending quest to make IT infrastructure more secure.

“The client needed a reliable, highly experienced conduit to continue to manage their perfectly acceptable legacy systems, beyond the end of their product lifecycle,” says Brian Dugan, VP of Sales. “This client needed a true technology partner–not just another vendor pushing them to upgrade, when there was no value in doing so.”

When a product is announced as EoS or EoL by the OEM, the client is forced to allocate funds toward a significant upgrade initiative to replace the discontinued technology with new product. In fact, this “presumed” obsolete equipment may, in fact, meet the user’s needs at that time, and for the foreseeable future.

Worldwide Supply Solutions

Using the client’s usage history combined with Worldwide’s proprietary network solutions forecasting software, the WWS team reserved seed stock for key hardware which was pre-tested, guaranteed and packed for immediate shipment to any destination, as needed.

Worldwide supplies telecoms with more than 20 top OEM products (new and pre-owned). In this case, the client required deep inventory in five key OEM hardware equipment brands:

The Partnership Outcome

 “When I think of who can come through in a pinch,

Worldwide is at the top of my list, every time.”

Global Telecom Client, 2016


Because Worldwide Supply maintains global inventory and technical service teams, our team was able to mobilize promptly and have an immediate impact on our client’s most pressing needs which included:

  • During the first year alone, the client confirmed a savings of more than $1,000,000, just by establishing a partnership with Worldwide Supply and using pre-owned products, all backed by a no-questions-asked guarantee.
  • At an average savings of more than 50%, when compared to traditional OEM brands, the client was able to cost effectively maintain existing legacy equipment, for several years to come, at multiple sites across the U.S.

Pre-Owned Network Equipment is Cost-Effective, Fast, Guaranteed

Whether your company is already using secondary market equipment and maintenance services or you are just interested in learning more, Worldwide Supply’s team of certified, field-experienced engineers, IT professionals and a 7 x 24 x 365 technical team is ready to talk about options and opportunities you may never have thought was even possible.

We welcome an opportunity to talk about your OEM hardware equipment needs and how we can help do the job better than they do, at a fraction of the cost.

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