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Used and Refurbished Juniper Netscreen Solutions

Do you want to upgrade the security on your existing network? Or install an outstanding security system on a new network? Whatever you need, at Worldwide Supply, we have a broad selection of used and refurbished Juniper Netscreen solutions that deliver as-new performance for an affordable price. As a quality lineup of IT security products, Juniper Netscreen solutions are highly sought after for use in e-business sites and internet data centers, as well as by application service providers and broadband service providers.

Note that if you’re looking to replace your existing security equipment with a used Juniper Netscreen solution, our buy-back and asset-recovery services will allow you to turn your outdated hardware into cash.

Wide Selection of Used and Refurbished Juniper Netscreen Products

Whether you’re looking to better protect your small business’s network or you want a robust security solution for your data center, check out our lineup of Juniper Netscreen devices:

  • Juniper Netscreen 5GT: We carry an extensive selection of new surplus and used Juniper Netscreen 5GT, which we can deliver to you next day in many cases.
  • Juniper Netscreen 25/50: Secure your network at a fraction of the price of new equipment with our used and refurbished Juniper Netscreen 25/50.
  • Juniper Netscreen 200: Because it's one of our most popular models, we have a large number of used and refurbished Juniper Netscreen 200 in stock.
  • Juniper Netscreen 500: Maximize your ROI with our new surplus, used and refurbished Juniper Netscreen 500 — like-new performance at a fraction of the cost.
  • Juniper Netscreen 5000: Order today, get your delivery tomorrow with our in-stock used and refurbished Juniper Netscreen 5000.
  • Juniper Netscreen IDP: Our new surplus, refurbished and used Juniper Netscreen IDP is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a robust yet affordable security solution.
  • Juniper Netscreen ISG: Enjoy best-in-class performance plus unparalleled savings with our refurbished, used and new surplus Juniper Netscreen ISG.

With Worldwide Supply, you'll never have to sacrifice performance for price. Our technicians rigorously inspect and test all of our equipment to ensure it offers outstanding quality and performs like new.

The Juniper NetScreen 25 is a security solution that's great for small and medium-sized companies, as well as remote offices. It has four auto-sensing 10/100 Ethernet ports and offers 100 Mbps of firewall. As a high-performance security application, you will be able to support 32,000 concurrent session and 125 VPN tunnels with a Juniper NetScreen 25.

Buy a Used Juniper NetScreen Unit From Worldwide Supply

When you need a new network solution for your company, Worldwide Supply is here with used Juniper NetScreen units. Juniper Networks acquired NetScreen Technologies in 2004 for $4 billion. Since then, many NetScreen products have been announced EOL, leaving companies to find a solution or search for a refurbished option. We have Juniper NetScreen 25 units ready for your company to buy to keep your network running in peak performance.

Sell Your Juniper NetScreen 25 and More

If you are ready to sell your Juniper NetScreen 25, Worldwide Supply will purchase it and give you cash. We take any surplus used Juniper NetScreen units and refurbish them to add to our growing inventory. Our goal is to give our customers quality products for a lower price that operate the same way a new Juniper NetScreen would.

Industry-Leading Support and Warranty

In addition to buying and selling, you can count on Worldwide Supply for third-party support. Whether you need routine maintenace or full service in case of a larger issue, we are there for you. We provide fast, quality service to help you extend the lifespan of your refurbished Juniper NetScreen.

We’re so confident about our products that we offer a lifetime warranty on each purchase. Plus, if you need configuration or installation assistance, we provide technical support at no additional cost.

To learn more about our Juniper Netscreen solutions, click “Live Chat” above, request a quote or call us directly at 888.328.2266.