Alcatel Lucent MegaHub

Used Alcatel-Lucent MegaHub Tandem Switches and Interface Adapters

Switches are the powerhouse of a network. They enable proper traffic movement, are a frontline defender against intrusion and can route packets around trouble areas, so your customers don’t experience downtime. The Alcatel-Lucent MegaHub series of switches, tandem switches, interface adapters and more are a proven series that provides strength for multiple network types.

Worldwide Supply offers a complete lineup of used Alcatel-Lucent MegaHub gear below because we think this system still can provide years of reliability for your network.

Learn More About Alcatel-Lucent

Switches and interface adapters like the Alcatel MegaHub series were a core business unit of the Alcatel-Lucent brand for decades. It’s a premiere telecom equipment provider and can significantly improve your network thanks to overall gains in reliability and structural integrity.

Alcatel-Lucent gear makes up the backbone of many networks whether you’re working in remote or metro, with radio or wireless backhaul, or just looking to boost your own small network.

In November 2016, Nokia finished its acquisition of the brand and ended some on-going support for end-of-life equipment, including the Alcatel-Lucent MegaHub.

Get Your Refurbished Alcatel-Lucent MegaHub

The EOL dates mean you now need to use smart third-party providers like Worldwide Supply to purchase and service your used Alcatel-Lucent equipment. We understand the unique situations that cause companies like yours to prefer EOL equipment because it can still go strong for years, and it presents you with significant savings.

Use the menu below to find the perfect used Alcatel-Lucent MegaHub parts and replacements, all with a warranty that ensures they’ll deliver the robust power and flexibility your network demands.

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