Alcatel Lucent CBX-500

The Alcatel-Lucent CBX-500 is a leading multiservice WAN switch that provides support for a wide range of the latest technologies and developments in today’s carrier and service provider networks. The 5 Gbps switch supports ATM, IP switching, Frame Relay and additional support for 100-Mbps Ethernet IP as well as high-density DS3.

Worldwide Supply offers used Alcatel-Lucent CBX-500s that feature 16 slots paired with high port densities of up to 64,000 nodes per network. We’ve reviewed and repaired all units to ensure top dedicated signal processing, VNN topology management and more. Each feature is designed to work with your network and offer a dedicated support for applications as well as almost any number of end-users that you can muster.

Core Features of the Alcatel-Lucent CBX-500

These multiservice switches are designed to deliver high-speed network capabilities in a wide range of environments to support growth.

Used & refurbished Alcatel-Lucent CBX-500 models from Worldwide Supply retain the top OEM qualities and are verified to be a reliable addition to your network. We thoroughly test every unit in a variety of real-world scenarios.

Take full advantage of the switch’s custom silicon design, quad-plane switch architecture, MPLS support, ATM VCC and internetworking services, cell rate monitoring and much more. By supporting up to 96,000 additional cell buffers per I/O module and as many as 1,000 VPNs per switch, you have the power you need to expand.

Each refurbished Alcatel-Lucent CBX-500 is safe, secure and simple to install. Choose the form factor you need and the strength your network demands, all at a price that furthers your growth potential by working with Worldwide Supply.

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