Buy New and Used Nokia InSite Series Base Stations

The Nokia InSite base stations were the first office-optimized GSM base stations available on the market, originally launching with a deployment for Finnish operator Sonera and Philippines operator Smart. The company quickly expanded after its initial launch and now has Nokia InSite base stations in networks from major operators in all of today’s leading markets.

These GSM base stations focus on radio access solutions for the growing number of indoor hotspots available throughout a modern network. GPRS support makes these used Nokia cellular base stations a must for partners, new nodes and added services for network subscribers.

Refurbished Nokia InSite base stations allow you to get all of this amazing cutting-edge technology at an affordable rate with a maintenance program that can support not only InSite but other leading equipment from different OEMs.

InSite units provide high-quality radio access solutions for indoor hotspots, with a specific aim of supporting large GSM intranet office needs. When released, the Nokia InSite was also the smallest GSM base station in the world, helping make mobile phone services easier and more affordable for today’s enterprise offices and parks.

Building Smart with Nokia InSite

New and used Nokia InSite base stations support general packet radio services and can enable GPRS to deliver higher-quality mobile information society, or MIS, indoors. Plus, they’re designed to deliver better coverage and operational efficiency specifically for office solutions.

Today, these base stations are used with GSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 1900 systems, delivering wireless indoor telephony with complete mobility. They’ll support your standard GSM headsets, allowing you to significantly reduce the amount of numbers you need to bring coverage to your entire team or customer.

Choosing used and refurbished Nokia InSite base stations from Worldwide Supply allows you to have reliable equipment at an affordable price. You can deliver substantial savings to yourself and your customers, increasing margins as you improve customer service.

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