Industries We Serve

Worldwide Supply provides specialty solutions and equipment selection for many industries. Bring your network to the next level with IT equipment for businesses like yours, plus the specific industrial network solutions you need.

Industries Served

Cable Services

Special cable equipment services — such as rack and stack operations and spares management — have needs unique to the cable space. Meet the demands that your bandwidth-hungry customers place on you thanks to the right tools and experts.


Industrial network equipment and technical support focusing on today’s leading challenges, from network maintenance and uptime to 4G and wireless migration services. Plus, try our maintenance package that covers dozens of the product families and carriers you already use in your network.


Empower your central office and satellite locations to facilitate the best use of your assets, plus have the network you need for schematics, reports and more all at your fingertips. There’s no need to rely on subpar email services that have documents and CAD schematics stuck waiting for hours.


Control your network how you want it, with solutions and IT equipment for businesses keeping operations internal. Experts are here to assist you with equipment selection as well as site, domain and email migration plus maintenance for all efforts.


We are proud to be a leading provider in outsourced healthcare IT services. We support the core elements of your healthcare IT network to keep you up and running when and where it matters most.


Network maintenance and equipment management specifically for insurance carriers and partners. We offer IT services for industries that you cover as well as your industry’s compliance needs.


Keep the heart of your manufacturing operations up and running with network maintenance services and equipment from Worldwide Supply. Learn how we can help you get the expert IT support you need for the manufacturing industry.

Oil and Gas

Bring connectivity to remote locations, wells, rigs and your main production facilities with the right equipment and maintenance solutions. We offer total industrial networking solutions with gear that will survive your environment.

Retail Networks

Meet customer needs and maintain security and privacy with complete network consulting and equipment management from Worldwide Supply. Find the right equipment and maintenance programs to keep you steady as you grow your customer base.


Keep your network under control and utilize your assets best with the utility network management tools to support growth and reliability in situations where it is needed most. We work to meet the specific uptime and usage needs of today’s modern utility providers.


Maintain legacy wireless networks and your traditional services while deploying new wireless tech in today’s ever-expanding mobile world. Find the equipment and services you need for both of these scenarios by working with Worldwide Supply.