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When you invest in Calix-Occam equipment, you know your commercial network is in good hands. Since Calix acquired Occam Networks’ assets in 2010, the company has expanded its network services and equipment offerings and grown into a major industry leader.

At Worldwide Supply, we offer some of Calix-Occam’s highest-quality networking parts and systems, including a selection of ethernet service access nodes. These tools are designed to help you meet the ideal broadband ethernet network requirements and ensure reliable service for all your subscribers.

You can rely on refurbished Calix-Occam ethernet services to help you stay ahead in your industry. Our team of technical experts returns each piece of used equipment we receive to top form, so you can reap all the benefits of an OEM-quality system for a reasonable price. With these products, your network will have all the functionality and strength it needs to operate at your pace.

Advantages of Used Calix-Occam Ethernet Services

Calix-Occam ethernet services from Worldwide Supply can support all your low- and high-density network requirements. Whether you plan to move your system from copper to fiber or you’re simply looking to improve network security, our inventory of Calix-Occam equipment has a variety of ethernet options.

These access nodes are built for speed and can provide integrated voice, data and video services to your subscribers. We also offer equipment suited to both smaller and larger networks, meaning that whatever type of system you manage, we can help you pave the way for business growth. You can use the flexibility and efficiency of the Calix-Occam access nodes to scale up as you implement new technology and gain subscribers.

Our selection of ethernet services products from Calix-Occam ensure strong connections between your subscribers and broadband network. A few other benefits these products offer include:

  • Ethernet solutions for residential, business and mobile
  • Freedom and flexibility of purchase options
  • Integration of the latest technologies
  • High-speed, reliable connections
  • Reduced operational and maintenance costs

When you order a refurbished Calix-Occam ethernet services product from Worldwide Supply, we’ll compound these benefits with our long-term maintenance, repair and replacement services. We keep our prices affordable while working to ensure you make the most for your investment with each product. Our lifetime warranty and 24-hour remote technical services will further support your access node’s longevity.

Trade Your Equipment With Worldwide Supply

Do you need a new home for your old Calix-Occam equipment? Send it to us, and we’ll give you a credit you can apply to future purchases. If you need an upgrade now, our trade and exchange program may allow you to make your purchase even more cost-effective for your business.

Browse our selection of Calix-Occam access nodes, parts and accessories or call us for more details today.