Worldwide Supply Certification

Worldwide Supply is proud to be TL 9000 Quality Management Systems Certified. This is a telecommunications and networking industry certification. TL 9000 is a two-part quality system with a significant management and measurement component.


Worldwide Supply is committed to providing our clients the best practices and highest quality standards in the industry. TL 9000 is a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) to meet the supply chain quality requirements of the worldwide telecommunications industry.

The TL 9000 QMS provides a systematic and repeatable framework for consistently producing top quality products and services customized to the global communications industry. TL 9000 organizations are required to comply with documented standards, some of which include:

  • Performance measurements based on reliability of product
  • Requirements for specialized service functions such as installation and engineering
  • Reporting of quality measurement data to a central repository
  • Highest international standard for telecom industry suppliers
  • Fewer than 500 companies hold TL 9000 certification
  • Constant monitoring and detailed monthly service level metrics reporting to QuEST Forum

Worldwide Supply is committed to delivering world class products and services. Our process and controls include auditing, receiving  inspection, extensive counterfeit examination, equipment testing and configuration, refurbishment, inventory, packaging and shipping.

To learn more about these services contact us online, at sales@worldwidesupply.net or call 888.328.2266.