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Buy And Sell Used ARRIS CMTS

ARRIS CMTS equipment has become a leader for network deployments where significant bandwidth is a major concern, particularly for platforms constantly delivering simultaneous high-quality video streams. An ARRIS CMTS is a standard in many cable company headends because of the future-proofing reliability that comes with ARRIS’ influence in DOCSIS, as well as the E6000 Series - Converged Cable Access Platform.

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Smart brands are providing their network with reliable service and throughput by selecting Worldwide Supply to maximize their budget with used ARRIS CMTS equipment.

ARRIS CMTS equipment includes:

  • IPv6 route scaling
  • Redundant designs to remove single-point-of-failure concerns
  • Support for DOCSIS Set-top Gateway features
  • Improvements to IP Detail Record tasks
  • Delivery of video and data at high speed

Align your network needs with the ARRIS CMTS that best fits your application whether it’s carrier-grade solutions or multimedia delivery on an IP edge network.

Buy ARRIS CMTS Equipment

Plan for the long-term in your network when you purchase ARRIS CMTS equipment. Worldwide Supply offers a wide variety of used ARRIS CMTS equipment, as well as a selection of new, non-legacy CMTS equipment to best suit your needs.

Existing options, such as the C4 and E6000 series, allow your network to support carrier-grade operations and deliver constant quality to thousands of customers.

Further protect your network hardware by selecting Worldwide Supply, and benefit from our affordable prices and maintenance services.

Sell ARRIS CMTS Equipment

Turn unused equipment into a revenue stream when you sell ARRIS CMTS equipment, peripherals and other networking equipment directly to Worldwide Supply.

Proactively manage your budget and turn old excess equipment into an investment and down payment on new technology by taking advantage of the Worldwide Supply trade-in program.

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