Alcatel-Lucent 1675 LambdaUnite

alcatel lucent 1675 lambdaunite

The Alcatel-Lucent 1675 LambdaUnite Multiservice Switch offers your network a global platform that is designed to support both SONET standards as well as Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) standards. Its development was based on improvements Alcatel-Lucent was able to achieve with its 40Gbps time division multiplexing equipment.

The Alcatel-Lucent 1675 represents a next-gen stage in its high-speed TDM equipment for 40Gbps and 10Gbps applications when working in high-density locations or in areas where you need to future-proof your platform.

The platform run by the 1675 continues to receive updates and expand with future releases that are expected to cover a large boost in electrical synchronous interface support. The backbone that can be powered by a refurbished Alcatel-Lucent 1675 LambdaUnite can act as either an optical switch or a cross-connect as well as many secondary functions including multi-ring applications and ASON functions.

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