Juniper M120 / M320 Series Router

Juniper M120 / M320 Router

Worldwide Supply offers a wide selection of Juniper products, including new and used Juniper M120/M320 Series routers. From the M7i/M10 Series to the M20 Series and M320 Series, we carry many of this manufacturer’s most powerful pieces of routing equipment. Request a quote today and place an order to provide your enterprise or facility with the Juniper product that will fulfill all its network requirements.

Product Details

Juniper’s M Series routers are designed to operate on Junos systems — and the M120 and M320 routers are some of the latest in a long line of M Series products. Service providers and business owners often use these powerful routers for high-bandwidth and high-speed network requirements due to their dependability and variety of features. Below are a few of the benefits our refurbished M120/M320 Series offers:

  • Juniper M120 Series Router: This unit allows you to work with multiple types of network interfaces, such as Ethernet, ATM and SONET. One of the main features of the M120 is that it has application-specific integrated circuits, which speed up its processes and allow it to offer speedy network performance. With support for six separate FPCs and up to 32,000 interfaces, this router has flexibility and functionality that will work to the advantage of your subscribers and business. The design of the M120 helps remove inefficiencies that could stand in the way of growth.
  • Juniper M320 Series Router: This 10 Gbps-capable router supports up to eight FPCs and subscriber access through interfaces including TDM, ATM, Ethernet and Frame Relay. Similar to the M120 Series unit, the M320 operates to maximize efficiency, so traffic can flow through at a smooth, steady rate. This product is a multi-service platform you can use as an integration tool for many different network applications.

Worldwide Supply Support

With refurbished Juniper M120/M320 Series routers, you can cut down on maintenance and repair costs while paying just a fraction of the retail price for a high-quality network asset. By upgrading your network without having to replace the whole system, you can enjoy all the advantages of cost savings and facilitate the growth of your business at the same time. We test all our OEM equipment before sending it out to customers so we can ensure it’s ready for long-term, high-volume network service.

In addition, we further secure your investment by providing a lifetime warranty and technical support with each purchase. For no extra cost, we’ll send our technicians to help you through the installation and configuration process. We even have 24-hour remote customer service available if you have questions or issues with your product!

Sell Your Old Equipment

Buying a used Juniper M120/M320 router can have a major positive impact on your enterprise — but what do you do with all your old or outdated equipment? If you have any surplus system components you’ve stopped using, we’ll offer you financial compensation for it. All you need to do is contact us with a list of equipment you want to sell, and we’ll work with you to make a deal.

Order Worldwide Supply equipment now, and we may deliver your product as soon as the next business day. Browse our product pages for more information about our inventory of Juniper equipment!

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