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At Worldwide Supply, our priority is making sure you have all the technology you need to make your business thrive. If you serve a broad range of subscribers, you need a central office switching system that can offer the range and high-volume support you’re looking for. Refurbished Alcatel-Lucent Central Office Switching Systems have the versatility and long-lasting quality to enhance your network and help your business increase overall productivity.

Complete with our standard lifetime warranty, this switching system is an economical investment that will lead to greater profits, higher subscriber rates and long-term expansion for your business. We'll be happy to consult with you to make sure you find your business's ideal switching system.

Benefits of Alcatel-Lucent Central Office Switching Systems

Alcatel-Lucent is an industry superpower that develops and provides cloud, mobile and unified communications services. Its variety of central office switching systems includes efficient, durable machines that are capable of connecting telephone calls in accordance with your most challenging network demands. If you’re looking for a way to update your network functionality without having to replace your entire system, any of these machines can serve your needs.

Whether your network has a shorter or a wider reach, we have a refurbished Alcatel-Lucent central office switching system that will fit your business. We offer units designed to provide long-distance calling capabilities and help you integrate your most complex system components. With these, you can turn your business into a simpler, more efficient service that will set you apart from your competitors.

Alcatel-Lucent central office switching systems come with a variety of benefits, including:

  • Industry-leading reliability
  • Speed and reach flexibility
  • Large commercial communication abilities
  • Short-term and long-term cost-effectiveness
  • Compatibility with many types of equipment

Your Alcatel-Lucent system will work with you to create a healthy, high-speed network that grows with your business over time. Many of these systems support more recent equipment as well, so you'll have plenty of options and flexibility when you adopt Alcatel-Lucent products.

Partner With Worldwide Supply

All of our new and used Alcatel-Lucent central office switching systems are optimized and tested for OEM quality standards. When you order from Worldwide Supply, you can be sure we’ll provide you with a product you can trust. As a bonus, we offer our refurbished systems at major discounts on original OEM prices, which makes them great investment material. Why buy a brand new piece of equipment when you can order a used one that offers the same performance for a better price?

We have multiple new and refurbished Alcatel-Lucent central office switching systems in stock, so search our product pages for the one that suits your needs. Contact us today to request a quote, or visit our "Trade & Exchange" page to learn how you can trade your older OEM products for newer ones!