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Casa Systems is a top provider of Wi-Fi, mobile, fixed and optical networking equipment tailored to ultra-broadband service providers focused on systems that are more than 1 Gbps — future-looking gear focuses on greater-than-10 Gbps requirements.

Its equipment development was recently awarded the Full DOCSIS® 3.0 CableLabs qualification.

Casa’s three lines deal specifically with high-bandwidth needs for network providers across the spectrum, with some specialty markets and solutions in new areas like Small Cells as a Service — or SCaaS — as well as Distributed Access Architecture to increase network density and subscriber bandwidth.

No Need to Rip-and-Replace

One big benefit we see in used and refurbished Casa Systems equipment is that you don’t need to rip-and-replace your existing infrastructure, even if you want to take advantage of DOCSIS 3.1. The brand offers a variety of CCAP options that will make it cost-effective to integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Build out over time and save with smart tools from Casa. We just make it even more affordable by providing refurbished and used Casa equipment as it becomes available.

Pave the way to 5G or grow to new markets and expand your cable operations, while you stay ahead of the competition affordably with Worldwide Supply and Casa Systems.