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Calix-Occam equipment gives service providers the power to better control their technology with strong networking solutions. Offering exceptional networking services is about bringing individuals together and helping businesses thrive. That’s why at Worldwide Supply, we distribute refurbished Calix-Occam FTTP equipment to service providers looking for more efficient ways to deliver gigabit Ethernet or other forms of Internet and telephone access to subscribers.

Our inventory includes multiple models of the Calix-Occam 700G Series, all of which are designed to help you expand your network reach and foster more productive business operations. Unique in their fiber optic service performance and flexibility, these FTTP units will keep your network in shape for years to come.

How a Refurbished Calix-Occam FTTP Can Improve Your Network

The main benefit of FTTP network technology is its speed. It provides telecommunications services to users at a fast rate without sacrificing the quality of voice, audio and data services. As an innovative leader in FTTP products and features, Calix has several advantages of its own that can help you increase revenue and work more efficiently. For instance, Calix-Occam equipment uses features such as a voice response system and convenient auto-detection technology.

Calix-Occam FTTP 700G, 700GE and 700GX units have the strength and speed to support a variety of large enterprise- and commercial-grade networks, from business premises to shopping malls. Their level of reliability and advanced technology allows them to bring competitive network services to customers in both business and residential settings. In addition, our refurbished Calix-Occam FTTP products support gigabit Ethernet, IPTV, mobile backhaul, TDM, VoIP and more.

Whatever your Calix-Occam network’s needs, you can keep it going strong with the help of our new and used FTTP options. If your goal is to create a more efficient, economical system that will support your business’s growth, this equipment will allow you to compete with the industry’s best.

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We work hard to bring all our used and refurbished Calix-Occam FTTP products up to new OEM quality. Because we understand how important it is for you to keep your network operating at its best each day, we also back all our equipment with a lifetime warranty.

You can contact us with any questions you have about our Calix-Occam equipment before and after placing your order. If you’re interested in maintaining your system for a cost-effective price, we also have long-term preventive maintenance and repair services available for all your network needs.

Browse through our collection of new and used Calix-Occam FTTP equipment or contact us today to request a quote. You can also find out how you can get cash and credit for your old Calix-Occam parts.