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Alcatel-Lucent is a well-known name in the world of optical transport, multiplexers and other digital networking equipment. The legacy of the company, it's split, and then the acquisition of Alcatel by Nokia has created a fractured map of technology and capabilities, especially in optical transport.

Worldwide Supply offers a robust selection of new and used Alcatel optics, including EOL and EOS units that are still in high demand, such as the DDM-1000 Digital Multiplexer. You can also find third-generation SONET systems designed to improve your network's elasticity and overall performance.

The equipment below came from the Alcatel-Lucent line that was replaced by Nokia Networks branding, as well as some options that come from the separate ALE, or Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, enterprise division that is owned by China Huaxin.

New and Refurbished Alcatel Optics

Nokia and its used Alcatel optic divisions provide a way for any network to expand and support the high-capacity services in demand from leading clients. Nokia support gives Alcatel a boost, as it was awarded the NGON & Optical DCI award for Best Optical Transport Network Provider in 2018.

Worldwide Supply offers a complete lineup for you to improve your network with Alcatel optics. Browse the selection below to discover the benefits of modular optical line transport systems, including the 400G's 80-channel OLS, plus multiplexers, SONETs and more.

Items like the used Alcatel optic FT-2000 provide significant network support but have reached EOL dates. Your network and supply partner needs to operate a maintenance and support program for you to keep getting the support you need. This is why Worldwide Supply offers an OEM-neutral maintenance package that extends to all of the used and refurbished Alcatel optics below.

Discover what you need, and then contact us for the service and support to keep your network robust.