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Fujitsu began providing information and communications technology solutions back in 1935, and it has since become a major superpower in the ICT industry — both in Japan and internationally. Worldwide Supply is a proud distributor of Fujitsu telecom products. With our inventory of OEM-quality refurbished Fujitsu subscriber carriers, you can turn your commercial network into a stronger, faster system.

If you need a piece of equipment that will integrate both voice and data services in your telecom network, a Fujitsu subscriber carrier can help. Its advanced technology offers the key to smoother deployment and customer experiences. Under the protection of our standard lifetime warranty, this product is a smart investment for your business.

Invest in a Refurbished Fujitsu Subscriber Carrier

We know it can be a challenge to uproot your network’s infrastructure and make major changes as new technological updates make other strategies obsolete. However, the benefit of having a refurbished Fujitsu subscriber carrier is that it supports and reinforces your infrastructure, allowing you to grow and scale quickly. Whether you have a copper- or fiber-based network, this subscriber carrier is prepared to lead your system into the future.

When you integrate a used Fujitsu subscriber carrier with your system, you can use it to support all network applications and services. Because efficiency is such a valued quality for commercial networks, you’ll need a system solution such as this one to speed up your more challenging processes. We’ll even work with you to maintain the product over time, which will help your business save money on repairs and replacements.

At Worldwide Supply, we carry the Fujitsu FACTR, which can transport voice and data in the form of multiple signal types. This product is designed to help you offer more services at a faster rate, and all our refurbished models are optimized to provide flexibility and convenience. You can find more details about the Fujitsu FACTR on its main product page below.

Trade With Worldwide Supply

Do you have any older Fujitsu equipment your company doesn’t use anymore? If so, we’ll remove your outdated system components and give you cash in return. Or, if there’s a specific upgrade part you want from our inventory, we’ll add the value of your old equipment toward the upgrade.

We’re dedicated to making sure you receive all the parts and equipment you need at the most affordable prices. In addition to our installation and maintenance services, we also offer 24x7 remote technical support that will help you through the transition period as needed. Get started by contacting us for a quote on a refurbished Fujitsu subscriber carrier today.