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Ciena Corporation has been helping service providers and other businesses optimize their telecommunications technology since 1992. Well-known for its line of broadband and multiservice access platforms, Ciena is an expert in helping businesses develop faster, more reliable networks with a variety of service options.

One of these services includes video. As a network provider, we know you may need to deliver high-quality video services to your subscribers. That’s why we offer Ciena multiservice equipment with video service capabilities at Worldwide Supply. This will allow your subscribers to receive all the network benefits your business has to offer, including high-grade video.

We offer the Ciena CN 2100, a member of the company’s CN 2000 product family of multiservice platforms. With traffic control and commercial-grade resilience, this product will provide your network with long-lasting service management when you order a refurbished model from our inventory.

Benefits of Ciena Video Services

Worldwide Supply’s inventory of new and refurbished Ciena video services equipment provides the ideal connection solution for your SONET or SDH network. Because Ciena’s expertise lies in video, data and voice services, you can expect their equipment to deliver a crisp, high-speed experience every time.

Our Ciena video services products act as network storage solutions, which are designed to expand your services and create connections over greater distances. Thanks to maximized performance and plenty of room for growth, these products will ensure access to clear video for each subscriber connected to your system.

Video services have a variety of uses in both personal and commercial settings. Customer experience is one of your first priorities when you manage or operate a Metro Ethernet network. Video services equipment from Ciena helps you improve this customer experience with more seamless integration and efficiency than ever before. With more efficient connections and video delivery, you can reduce inconsistencies within your network and provide more cost-effective services to customers.

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Order used Ciena video services products from Worldwide Supply today, and we’ll make sure the investment is worth your while. Benefits of working with us for all your networking and video services needs include:

  • Competitive prices on used and refurbished items
  • Next business day delivery
  • Standard lifetime warranty
  • 24-hour remote technical support
  • Maintenance, replacement and repair services
  • Exchange programs and cash offers for your used equipment

We’re dedicated to delivering functional video services equipment to you promptly. Your job is to make sure your subscribers receive all the networking services they need, so why should video be any different? Find out how you can optimize your commercial network’s video delivery with refurbished Ciena video services products today.

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