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Don’t let the weather get in your way. The Ciena CN 3931 SDS is designed to maintain carrier Ethernet capabilities in a weatherproof form factor that won’t cut into your ability to deliver leading-edge functionality. The 3931 model is designed to support the powerful Ciena OAM suite so you can monitor performance and reliability across your larger scale Ethernet deployments.

Maintain functionality and reduce operating costs with smart QoS capabilities so you’ll have a reliable mobile backhaul plus business-class Ethernet services.

The chief benefit of a used Ciena CN 3931 is that you have a weatherproof housing to provide a low TCO for operators because you no longer need to worry about additional cabinets, enclosures and site prep. It’s a fully self-contained packet networking solution.

Advanced Functions and Support

The Ciena CN 3931 provides a wide range of advanced functions and support from carrier Ethernet QoS to robust synchronization and timing features to maintain cost-effectiveness of the deployment. As services converge, your network needs a platform that can manage and adapt as deployments or architecture change.

Worldwide Supply ensures that all refurbished Ciena CN 3931 meet OEM quality standards with robust testing and management in real-world scenarios. Each module also incorporates on-board RFC 2544 performance benchmark testing with end-to-end SLA verification that no longer requires a truck roll.

Mount where your network most needs the support and keep it affordable as you grow by partnering with Worldwide Supply on a used Ciena CN 3931 today.

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